What should I look for when buying Kitchen Taps
2 November 2020 Get Inspired

What should I look for when buying Kitchen Taps

Whether remodelling, replacing, or building a brand-new kitchen from scratch, Cobra is here for you to help you make the right choice when buying kitchen taps. 


Whether remodelling, replacing or building a brand-new kitchen from scratch, Cobra is here for you to help you make the right choice when buying kitchen taps. 

People invest in a lot of their time and energy in activities that take place in the kitchen, which is why we think choosing just the right tap for your home should be no different. The heart of the home and a central place where we not only provide nourishment for those we care for but for many, the kitchen could be considered as the boardroom of the home, where family meetings, discussions and debates take place and conclude with a meal to settle.  

From things to consider, tips to making the right style choice and advice when looking for water conscious technology, see Cobra’s buyer guide and what to look for when buying kitchen taps 


Kitchen Theme 

From modern to classic, sharp contemporary angles or soft and voluptuous curves, selecting the right style of kitchen taps to best suit your interior decor may be a lot trickier than it seems. With many of us spending a large portion of our time at home connecting in the kitchen, surrounded by something that is as pleasing to touch as it is to look at, makes your style selection an important part to choosing the right taps for your home. 

If you are replacing old kitchen taps to fit within pre-existing kitchen designs, while there will be many style options you may find appealing, remember that the product you select will need to fit with your kitchens current theme, no matter how charming alternative options may be presented in a showroom. Always keep your kitchen look and theme in the back of your mind when choosing the right fit.


Don’t Leave the Taps till Last

When remodelling or building a brand-new kitchen from the ground up, it’s always a great idea to go kitchen tap shopping or browsing at best, at the very start of your project. With many new kitchen remodelling projects taking shape around the taps as a central feature, by selecting your taps at the start of your kitchen remodel will see supplementary kitchen fittings take shape around the style and design of the kitchen taps you buy. 


Consider Function together with Form 

Surrounded by an array of beautiful designs each hand finished with chrome PureShine, it may be difficult to keep focused on function surround by such lovely shiny brassware when buying kitchen taps but consider this you must. While some may prefer a more conservative or traditional kitchen tap function, other kitchen users prefer a more proficient or professional pull our sprayer when washing or rinsing of high use kitchen equipment in a busy kitchen. From deck mounted taps to wall mounted fittings, all new plumbing specifications or simply just a rejuvenated look using Cobra Screw Down options, be careful to consider how you need your kitchen to function and select the taps that best suit your operational needs combined with your kitchen’s aesthetic aspirations.


Water Conscious is Always a Win

From water-savvy flow restrictors and aerator technology to water pressure compensators, taking into account increasing pressure placed on water supply coupled with the growing concerns of climate change and disrupted rainfall patterns, choosing a kitchen tap that supports all efforts in conserving freshwater supplies is critical. Restricting the flow of kitchen tap water, regulating the pressure, and limiting the maximum flow are all key water conscious technologies to look for when buying kitchen taps.


Selecting kitchen taps may seem like a simple task but buying the right type of tap for your kitchen should be made considering several factors. In having highlighted key things to look out for when buying kitchen taps, remember to always factor in your plumbers’ feedback or specifications that may need to be discussed before making a final selection.