Post Pandemic Pep Talk
2 November 2020 Pep Talks

Post Pandemic Pep Talk

Muster up the courage to re-join society, return to work & find your post-Covid confidence, read this Post Pandemic Pep Talk by Cobra, Here For You.


To help you muster up the courage to re-join society, return to work and find your post-Covid confidence, read our Post Pandemic Pep Talk from Cobra. Here For You.

As we emerge into a post-pandemic reality many of us remain in lockdown experiencing some anxiety or paranoia, feeling unprepared to reintegrate into former social settings. To help you muster up the courage to re-join society, return to work and find your post-Covid confidence, read our Post Pandemic Pep Talk from Cobra. Here For You.

Having almost gone full circle through the various alert level lockdowns, more and more of us are being called back to be active and in-person duty, returning to the office, sending kids back to school full time and with social gatherings allowed to reconvene as close to normal as they once were.

While many of us celebrate the return to normalcy, a number remain apprehensive with a mixed bag of emotions and post-Covid anxiety, almost having lost the knack, or know-how to socially interact.


While keeping in the back of our minds that care and safety remains a concern so long as the Covid-19 virus remains in circulation, find ways to help ease your post pandemic fears as lockdowns continue to lift.


Exposure Therapy 101

Preparing for your re-entry into social settings can be a daunting thought but by taking baby steps in becoming more comfortable with getting out and about is key. Similarly, to how a person may face a phobia, gentle exposure to the “outside world” will help to ease post Covid anxiety allowing you to acclimatise to getting out there. Start with a quick trip to the shops or walk the dogs around the park, keeping in mind open and well-ventilated spaces are the best places to start if you are initially nervous.


Get Chatty Cathy

For many of us it feels as though we have forgotten how to face-to-face communicate. Missing key social queues, how to read body language and now with the added challenge of not being able to see a person’s full face for facial expression. Strike up a conversation with a stranger in a queue as you once might have done while waiting for your taxi, or in the line at a checkout counter. Practice makes perfect and if it feels totally awks, keep trying with so many opportunities to reconnect socially while maintaining your anonymity. 


Re-establish Work-Life Boundaries

As swiftly as we invited colleagues, clients, and educators into our homes, the work-life-balance we once painstakingly guarded went out the back door slamming it, loudly, as it left!  As social barriers are once again being broken down its time to take back your personal space, re-establish work-life balance and draw the line between work and personal time. This will reduce your stress levels and help to re-establish healthy routines. 


Lather Rinse Repeat 

Having taught us all a lesson in personal hygiene, keeping surfaces clean and instilling these healthy habits in our children, life after lockdown should be no different when it comes to hand washing and cleanliness. Keep up the Covid hygiene protocols and all will be well in the world!


Don’t Leave Home Without It

The evidence is glaring, wearing a mask reduces your risk of contracting not only Covid but other contagious viruses. By now we know these benefits and not to mention the fashion features and beauty hacks these 3 layered virus veils provide. Mix up fabrics and designs to match your back-to-work wardrobe and you’ll be poppin’ and virus stoppin’ all at the same time.