Meet Ntokozo Majozi the Architectural Designer of Aimo Cuisine Restaurant
2 September 2021 Get Inspired

Meet Ntokozo Majozi the Architectural Designer of Aimo Cuisine Restaurant

Refitted to compliment the flamboyancy of African, Italian & Asian cuisines. Find out why Cobra was selected as a product of choice to replace the original restaurant fittings.

Refitted to compliment the flamboyancy of African, Italian & Asian cuisines, Ntokozo Majozi talks to us about the Aimo Cuisine restaurant redesign and why Cobra was selected as a product of choice to replace the original restaurant fittings. 

Serving up a selection of diverse flavours to meet the many tastes of South Africa, Aimo Cuisine offers an exciting menu that speaks to both local favourites, delectable house specialities and other unique dishes found nowhere else but at the tables of this beautifully styled restaurant redesign.

Having been approached by a young entrepreneur, with big taste and an exciting idea to share his passion for cooking African, Italian & Asian cuisines, Ntokozo Majozi began drafting his plans to refit the existing Victorian-style house into a modern and trendy dining location. Bringing together foodies from different cultural backgrounds to enjoy some of their favourite dishes with friends and family, the brief aimed to echo both the cultural diversity of the menu and the patrons visiting the Aimo Cuisine restaurant. 


Keeping within the parameters of a limited budget but without compromising on quality or comfort, Ntokozo needed to find cost-effective ways to create a new and uniquely differentiated dining experience. “We used wooden furniture to transform the space, repainted the entire restaurant in white and used some African prints and textures, as well as some Asian accessories to bring their dream to life”, explains Ntokozo. Some furniture used was custom made, a cost-effective way to get the best in style without compromising on quality, while other fittings such as those in the bathroom needed to create a modern and elegant finish to complement the new establishment. “I knew that Cobra would be the perfect fit. A brand well known and trusted by many generations”, continues Majozi. 

Familiar with the Cobra brand, the owner of Aimo Cuisine was equally convinced that Cobra would be the right choice to echo the lasting quality and modern appeal of the new restaurant redesign but needed direction in selecting products from the best-suited Cobra range. Using the Cobra virtual showroom, an interactive 3D catalogue helping to create an augmented product experience assisted the two in visualising Cobra products fitted to the restaurant's redesign and created an interesting introduction to the different looks that could be achieved using Cobra products.

During the interview with Ntokozo Majozi, he goes on to express his views on other current and up and coming trends that we might notice in the near future.

Majozi comments, “expect to see new colours as people become open to a splash of more colour in both kitchen and bathroom designs. A classic that remains a firm favourite for many is the free-standing bath that not only helps to create a sense of space in smaller bathroom layouts but also adds a flair of elegance to the room. Another growing trend (especially for the younger market) is the use of plants in the bathroom space helping to create a tropical escape while also servicing the purpose of dehumidifying poorly ventilated bathrooms. We have also come to see an increase in black and rose gold showerheads and taps, as well as tiling fittings made to resemble a wooden finish.


As an architectural designer, Ntokozo Majozi adds that the key to creating an impressionable focal point, with specific reference to a kitchen is typically where the sink is positioned primarily because this fitting is usually placed beneath a window. Enhanced by the flood of natural light and perhaps even the view of striking surrounds, coupled with a bold choice in taps these paired fittings add to the aesthetic of any kitchen space, drawing the eye back to this beautiful focal point. 

When asked what he considered when choosing the ideal or perfect sanitaryware products for his various clients, Majozi explains the importance of considering budget and finding cost-effective solutions especially for clients working with a limited budget. The aesthetics that these fittings create are of course an equally important factor, playing a key role in enhancing outdated spaces, creating a trendy aesthetic that accurately reflects a client’s unique style. Durability and functionality also have a key part to play in selecting the perfect sanitary fittings where clients are looking to invest in something that will last a considerable amount of time, products that are fit for purpose, serve their function, and require little maintenance over the long term.

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