Cobra Launches New Signature Range of Taps
3 September 2021 Get Inspired

Cobra Launches New Signature Range of Taps

Cobra has recently launched a new range of single lever mixers using a combination of key signature elements. Find out more here...

Cobra has recently launched a new range of single lever mixers using a combination of key signature elements that have been carefully considered by the local and international design teams focusing on the human experience as well as the functional elements.

The project was led by Patrick Speck, Leader of Global Design, EMENA at LIXIL, with the aim to create a product that visually represents all that Cobra stands for in its new positioning.  Previously, customers would use Cobra products without necessarily being aware of the brand or what distinguishes it. However, with this new range, anyone that is using a Cobra product will feel that the product has been designed with the users need in mind. They will know that they are using a Cobra product in the moment of use and ideally feel that the product has been designed specifically for the human interaction.  This premise became the cornerstone of the project.   After intensive research the global design team worked to create a design language that truly brings the Cobra DNA to life.  

“We know that Cobra is no longer a brand that focuses solely on plumbing fittings, and it was important to create a range of taps that suits the modern family while being a beautiful addition to any home.  This meant that we needed to design an entirely new tap collection that is made up of signature ranges that provide a unique look but that is inherently Cobra", comments Corrie Stride Leader: Marketing, LIXIL Africa.  

“We believe that the final range of products do just that.  The amalgamation of the intrinsic Cobra design elements that represent the enduring human truths, latest technology and functional form results is an all-new range of Cobra single lever taps that connect everyday moments to an emotional experience.” said Patrick Speck.

A great deal of emphasis was put onto the design of our handles.  With soft arching curves, circular shapes, and softly rounded edges this range offers something for everyone.  Not only is the look contemporary but each mixer handle is ergonomically created for the human touch.  Add to this global manufacturing expertise and you can be assured of the highest quality. 

The new Cobra single lever tap designs are both contemporary and ageless offering the assurance that they won’t date or grow “tired” as interior tap trends adapt and evolve.

Be inspired and explore the five (5) new Cobra single lever taps in the all-new Den, Pause, Snug, Recess and Breath ranges.



Cobra Den is already dubbed as one of the cornerstones of the Cobra range. With its sleek and easy-to-use loop handle design, it turns every bathroom moment into a special hideaway spot away from the ordinary life. The Den is exactly that, the seamless transition from home to work that everyone looks forward to.


We all know that most of our beautiful rituals are experienced in the kitchen or bathroom. Another new edition to the Cobra family is the Pause range. The design and functionality of Cobra Pause is inspired by the idea of taking a second to embrace every beautiful moment shared with your loved ones.


Introducing Cobra Snug. The Snug single lever mixer comes with its out-of-the-box pin handle design enhanced with ergonomic lines that fit perfectly into the arch of your hand. The elongated spout finishes off the look that is guaranteed to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. These ergonomic lines continue into the ceramic range.


With a luxurious spout and sleek handle, the design lines of the Recess range are both contemporary and classic. With FeatherTouch technology and water saving properties, this premium range allows you to take a break from the mundane and is the ideal choice for the modern home. A unique offering of this range is the ultra-modern wall mounted basin mixer.


Cobra Breathe combines sleek, modern design with state-of-the-art water saving technology, giving you that moment to ‘breathe’. If ever there was a faucet that could be comparable to a high-end spa experience, then this would be it. The elegant design is a breath of fresh air.