Women's Month

Diversity & Inclusion

In South Africa, August is Women’s Month - and each year August 9th is celebrated as Women’s Day. Women's Day celebrates the strength and resilience of women and their contribution to our society and country. In celebration of Women's Month, we'll be hosting a free plumbers training seminar for all women to join at our V&A Showroom in Cape Town, get the details below. We'll also be paying tribute to the many phenomenal women in our industry, like our leader and CEO Seneca Lutchmana, as well as some of the powerhouses in the architectural space - be sure to watch the interviews. Empowering women and achieving gender equality has always been part of our corporate responsibility pillars, and we continue to strengthen our commitment to create an inclusive work culture, starting with gender equity.

Cobra Diversity & Inclusion

Did you know that within our organisation the local leadership team is 55% female? Diversity & Inclusion has already been part of LIXIL’s three corporate responsibility pillars but in April, the company, to which also the Cobra brand belongs, has strengthened its commitment and to determine further measures and actionable plans for a more inclusive culture at LIXIL. Starting with gender equity goals, LIXIL has set new enterprise targets: Achieve 50:50 gender ratio for Directors and Executive Officers by 2030; Achieve 30% of women in management ranks by 2030.

Empowering Women Plumbers

At Cobra, we believe that we have the responsibility to help make South Africa a stronger and more resilient society. We do so by investing in projects that give communities the skills they need to find work and to improve their quality of life. Our plumbing programme is designed to equip women participants with useful plumbing skills that will make them more employable. With their improved knowledge of water management, participants will also be able to highlight the importance of water and water-saving initiatives in their communities. We look forward to seeing you this year at our free training seminar.

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Join us at our V&A Waterfront Showroom for an exciting & inspiring Women's Day Plumber Training event, absolutely free. Please note that we’re limited to 50 people due to Covid-19 protocols.
Women's Day

Girl Power, Girl Plumber

Training schedule for women plumbers

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Blazing A Trail

The Future is Female! And what better way to advocate and celebrate the prowess of every workplace goddess than by featuring fierce females making bold moves and great strides in the architecture, design and plumbing arena.

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Only Women Know

Some things only women will understand, like the treachery of walking in high heels, the challenges of climbing the corporate ladder, the dreaded combination of llipgloss + wind. Share your #OnlyWomenKnow moments with us on social media!


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