Cobra’s lifestyle & product brochure, Not Another Brochure, shows there’s lots of magic in the mundane!

Product brochures are notoriously misleading. They typically show pages and pages of people living perfect lives in immaculate homes, with everything in its rightful place. But life isn’t the fairy tale brochures might make us believe. Our homes can be messy, with dishes piling up in the kitchen sink and the occasional towel discarded on the bathroom floor. That’s what makes them special, personal and unique – and Cobra knows this. We‘ve transformed the traditional brochure concept and created a distinctive offering that adds value to our consumers’ lives and that brings out the magic in the mundane.

Not Another Brochure Volume 2 - Now Mobile Friendly!

Not Another Brochure offers handy hints and tips on making big and small adjustments to your homes, and includes other fantastic content. Think Spotify playlists you can sing along to while you’re in the shower, bath time games for the kids, and new recipes for you to tackle in the kitchen. Everything you need to know about Cobra’s key product ranges is there and is conveniently combined with great ideas that will enhance your experience of your home. Trendy, new, relatable information, as well as interviews with design will be released with every new issue.

Not Another Brochure can be accessed here on our website, as well as in merchant stores by scanning the handy QR code on Cobra’s display boards.

While Not Another Brochure is aimed at Cobra’s end users, other Cobra customers, including architects, interior designers and plumbers will also find it helpful. If you’re a professional, you can use Not Another Brochure to help inspire your clients with fresh new ideas, while also showing them the full range of Cobra’s impressive products.


Be inspired!

Not Another Brochure, your personal lifestyle magazine filled with industry advice & latest design trends.

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What’s Inside

  • Makeover bathroom ideas
  • DIY shower installation
  • Choosing the perfect basin
  • The Cobra Spectra Collection
  • The Bathroom Peptalk you need to hear
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