Zero to Hero Ready to Eat Chicken Salad

Cobra Here For You shares top secret salad tips to keep you crunching on green munching till you turn into a tasty snack yourself.
3 November 2020 Recipes
Zero to Hero Ready to Eat Chicken Salad


While we believe in the benefits of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, Cobra Here For You shares top secret salad tips to keep you crunching on green munching till you turn into a tasty snack yourself. 


Just about as soon as summer hits, a lettuce, tomato and cucumber base lines the veggie bowls of the body conscious, taking into account the temporary effects of traditional winter comforts. And with this years added waistline weigh me down of Covid-19 worry eating, the heat is on in the kitchen to trim down as we gear up to re-join social settings in a post-Covid, body fit celebration. While salad snacking is the go-to weight loss and shape up solution, there are only so many salad greens we can eat before getting bored and digging to the back of the pantry cupboard to get to the good stuff. 


Puff Puff Pass the Smoked Chicken 

With hardly a note to differentiate from one chicken salad to the next, depending on the dressing (which oddly enough is where the biggest variation in calorie count comes into play), a number of industry leading retail outlets stock the often overlooked smoked chicken derivative.

Taking the effort out of cooking a fresh cooked chicken from scratch, smoked chicken breasts are largely available with a number of added healthy features that far surpass the time factor benefit. Smoked chicken breasts are pre-cooked and ready to eat at a moment’s notice, by simply adding one additional ingredient sliced or diced into your salad greens. Already high in proteins, smoked chicken has the added benefit of a reduced fat content on account of the smoking process. During the smoking of chicken, additional fats are eliminated reducing the total fat count to next to nothing in your next smoked chicken salad. 


Eat Fat to Burn Fat

While practicing a low carb lifestyle, many findings suggest that in order to burn fat you should eat fat - which is great news for cheese and oil-based dressing fans. Green fats such as extra virgin olive oil, avo fats, and clean green or plant-based fats offer a number of weight-loss and overall health benefits that surpass over the counter vitamins in a bottle. From adding avo to your salad greens or spicing things up with olives, crème fresh or full fat cream cheese, if you are cutting the carbs replace critical nutrients with clean, green plant-based fats and some healthy proteins.


Fridge Friendly Flavour 

Our next Zero to Hero Ready to Eat Chicken Salad must haves include a selection of fridge friendly additions that you can add and remove as you feel the need. We’re talking about dill cucumbers, pickled onions, radishes, spring onions, rocket leaves or shredded basil. Anything that tends to last a lifetime in your fridge is a win while at the same time offering simple additions blended with boring salad greens can completely change the personality of any ready to eat chicken salad.  


While there are both simple and complex ways to spice up a ready to eat chicken salad, be sure to pay close attention to empty calories, harmful preservatives and the ongoing trap to pair your healthy greens with sugar based dressings, carbohydrate high bulking agents and counterproductive salad calories.