Water Conscious Cobra Collections
15 April 2021 Water Saving

Water Conscious Cobra Collections

Cobra’s water-conscious tap and mixer ranges are not only equipped with award-winning water-saving technology… Read more

Cobra’s water-conscious tap and mixer ranges are not only equipped with award-winning water-saving technology to facilitate sustainable water usage; they are available in contemporary designs, which means no compromising on kitchen and bathroom aesthetics.

Read on to discover how the water-saving technology built into Cobra kitchen taps, bathroom mixers, and shower fittings can help to address the growing concerns around climate change and water conservation.

Some may say that the threats of climate change, global warming, and altered rain patterns on our natural water resources may only be effectively addressed as a collective; however, a more environmentally friendly and sustainable community mind set can start with your decision to opt for more water-savvy products.


Explore Cobra water-saving technology fitted to various tap and mixer collections:

  • Cobra EcoMind water-saving technology, utilising pressure-compensating flow restrictors, can be found in Cobra kitchen taps, bathroom basin mixers, and shower fittings. This sustainable, water-savvy technology is fitted to all Cobra tap and mixer ranges and ensures that the stipulated flow of water will not be exceeded regardless of inlet pressure. This means that even if water inlet systems experience an unpredictable increase in the pressure, Cobra EcoMind technology will regulate the water flow and ensure that unnecessary water wastage is avoided. This unique EcoMind water-saving technology assures our customers that Cobra offers a variety of effective water-conscious solutions.
  • Fitted in some of South Africa’s most eco-savvy homes, public ablutions, and green star-rated buildings, the four basin mixers that make up the contemporary Cobra Focus collection are each fitted with a MIKADO flow restrictor. Using state of the art water-saving technology, Cobra Focus guest and main bathroom basin mixers restrict the flow of water to 1.9 litres per minute, offering the ultimate in water-saving technology. This Red Dot Design Award-winning aerator technology which releases a striking diamond-shaped spray pattern when activated also allows for pressure compensation, meaning that the maximum flow of water is 1.9 litres per minute, regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations.
  • Streamlined, minimalist, and locally manufactured, the Cobra Taryn standard and raised bathroom basin mixer range is expertly equipped with 5 litres per minute flow restrictors, ideal for saving water in guest bathrooms without compromising on comfort or aesthetics.

Cobra’s water-conscious bathroom, kitchen and shower fittings can meet the water-saving needs of individual homeowners and interior décor specialists as well as the needs of professional plumbers, architects, and engineers with regards to compliance with Green Building Council regulations and Green Star ratings.