Walk-in Shower Ideas for the Contemporary Bathroom
27 May 2022

Walk-in Shower Ideas for the Contemporary Bathroom

A walk-in shower is a highly practical option for all styles and size bathrooms. Simplistically beautiful, a walk-in shower adds a modern touch, providing an airy bathroom space with clean lines and no frills.

A walk-in shower is a highly practical option for all styles and size bathrooms. Simplistically beautiful, a walk-in shower adds a modern touch, providing an airy bathroom space with clean lines and no frills.

This season, we are welcoming exciting new walk-in shower ideas. Who needs to make space to accommodate shower doors, or the fluttering of a shower curtain.  

Walk-in showers come in many forms. Think a frameless shower door, a doorless walk-in shower or even a full wet room. Your shower moments should be a full body, mind and soul experience and if not, you may be doing them wrong!

The moments spent in your shower matter.  Your shower should be a sanctuary, an escape… a relief.  

Showers in the contemporary bathroom are also made to accommodate more than just one person. Maybe it’s a couple, or a full family shower situation. Double showers or family-functional showers are becoming more and more common. Who has time to wait for the entire family to shower one, by one.  

A shower with your companion is also time for bonding, for chatting and laughter whilst rinsing away the stress of the day together. Or a place where you and your little people can wash hair and chat about the school day together – these are the moments that you will remember.

Walk-in shower ideas for your home

A large walk-in shower is such a wonderful option for the family home.  There’s no splashing of water on the bathroom floor, no fussing with shower doors or shower curtains – a simple walk in and walk out.  The best part of a walk-in family shower is that you can towel dry little bodies and feet before they even leave the shower.  

There’s no step up or in to a shower tray, no fiddling with a shower door - your shower forms part of your bathroom in seamless harmony. A walk-in shower is designed in such a way that water splash and water run is catered for to ensure the water remains inside the shower and not on your floor.  

Frameless shower doors

Frameless shower doors are the perfect way to enclose the water spray from your shower in a clean and minimalistic manner. Clear, frameless glass that functions as a walk-in shower door can boast the unique design features of your shower. A large walk-in shower combined with frameless shower doors creates the perfect contemporary shower space big enough for the whole family. Pair this shower idea with double shower heads and a seating space for the ultimate frameless shower experience!

Floor to ceiling shower doors

A walk-in shower that is completely partitioned off from the rest of the bathroom, with clear glass frameless shower doors - creating a wet room of sorts. A completely separate shower space that you can walk-in and out of with ease. Glass shower doors that extend from floor to ceiling and seal in the sultry steam of your shower by means of a sealing glass shower door. This walk-in shower paired with a bench or where an indoor plant is placed can add to the spa-type feel of this shower.  

Curved shower arm

A long, elegant, shower arm that holds a large rain shower head to provide the gentle pattering of a waterfall as the droplets of water land on your skin. This shower need not have an enclosed shower space by means of a door that opens and shuts. There is no powerful, invigorating shower here. This shower is a gentle, calming, luxurious experience such as can be expected from the Cobra Breath Rectangle Shower Head.  

Wet Room

A wet room is a supreme shower experience. A wet room is exactly what the name suggests – a room where water runs freely without fear of splashing or spills. An enclosed room or space where either both the shower and bath exist, or a full shower with surrounding seating is for the sole purpose of a full water immersive experience. Enclose a wet room with frameless glass doors for a stunningly contemporary look, or have this entire wet room in its own separate enclosed room.  

Seating Space

A seating space or bench in your walk-in shower adds to the entire shower experience. Take a moment to sit and shave your legs, or cleanse your skin, or simply relax and chat with a loved one during your shower moments.

Recessed Shower Shelves

Complete your walk-in shower with recessed shower shelves. These shelves are sunken into the shower wall and exude minimalistic contemporary design. They are so easy to clean and they tidily store your shower accessories.

Ceiling Mounted Showers

A ceiling mounted shower head is like the cherry on top of a walk-in shower.  Step in, turn on the water and feel as though you are standing beneath a waterfall in the mountains as the water falls direct from the ceiling.  The perfect spa shower experience.  

Double Shower Heads

The option of two shower heads placed into a walk-in shower is the perfect way to get the most out of your shower moments. With plenty of space for two people, or little ones to accompany you in the shower, two shower heads are not only time-saving and convenient but allow for those special family bonding moments that may seem few and far between in our daily lives.  

Hand Shower

Not much else beats the addition of a hand shower head in a walk-in shower. Not only does a bar mount shower head look extraordinary in the contemporary bathroom, it also provides the functionality of an invigorating shower when required. Hand showers are perfect for the whole family and make bathing little people or washing hair an absolute breeze. Giving you full control of your shower experience, direct in your hand.  

Cobra Hand Showers are designed to suit every mood with customisable shower experiences with the option to switch between various water spray patterns. Cobra Breath Hand Shower provides an option to switch between a classic, massage and boosted spray at the touch of an ergonomic button. Cobra Snug Victorian Hand Shower provides a choice between a classic, filar and gentle mist spray – perfect for cleansing the delicate skin on your face.  

If you’re looking for a mix between a massage and classic spay, with the option to select between the two sprays, then Cobra Den Hand Shower is for you.

At Cobra, we believe in these moments in your home, your sanctuary, with your family. We believe in making your shower moments experiences to remember. Cobra. Here For You.  

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