To Shower or Bath That Is the Question

Like asking a parent to choose a favourite child, Cobra faces the uncomfortable question of Shower versus Bath and how to choose what’s best for you.
11 November 2020 Get Inspired
To Shower or Bath That Is the Question


To shower or bath, that is the question.  

As with anything pertaining to taps and running water, Cobra is here to answer even the most basic questions. It may seem like a trivial question but the decision of whether to run a warm luxurious bath or to have a quick shower can put any water-conscious person on edge.  

Ask any mother of small children and she will tell you that a long soak in the bath is a sacred gift not to be interfered with, a well-deserved 30 minutes of the day (if you’re lucky enough) to soak in the comfort of warm water, gloriously fragrant bubbles and the solitude of your own thoughts.  But, on the other hand, you will meet the ever die-hard shower lover who will argue that a hot, or cold shower is the only way to go and that soaking in a bath is just a waste of time and water.

We all have our preferences, but here at Cobra we are believers in both shower and bath time and that both have their time and place. We delve into both in order to sway even the most die-hard shower lover.  


Why a long bath time soak?

Made popular in 1883 by American born Michael Kohler, the world’s first modern claw foot bath was made from a cast-iron horse trough fitted with four decorative feet and covered with an enamel finish. Taking what was previously a somewhat stark bathing experience and transforming it into what was then considered the essence of pleasure and relaxation.  There is very little that compares to a leisurely lounge in an elegantly finished bathroom, washing away the worries of the day and assisting with a good night’s rest.

Bathing enthusiasts have taken bath time and transformed it into a ritual where baths are now Instagram-worthy content - accompanied by the flicker of candles, sweetly scented bubbles, bath salts, essential oils, and all the other bath time trimmings you might personally enjoy during your luxurious soak. 

Proven to ease muscle and arthritic pain, reduce sinus pressure, unwind the body and mind resulting in a better night’s sleep - soaking in the bath is also said to delay premature ageing. Bathing can even assist in lowering cortisol, the stress hormone that causes premature ageing and adult acne. The addition of bath milks, oils or even oatmeal into your bath water can soothe irritated skin or eczema resulting in a form of treatment for those who suffer with these skin ailments.  


One for the shower lovers.

The last two years saw one of the country’s worst droughts yet – this alone can put guilt into the heart of the most avid daily bather. In enter the shower… an often, short and invigorating experience that steams up the bathroom and is sometimes concluded with an icy cold finish to set the refreshed tone for the day ahead.

Quick, convenient and water efficient, nothing can beat a power shower to invigorate the body and the mind after a long day or glowing workout.  A shower is there for you on those early mornings to awaken your body and mind. 

Showering has been proven to increase blood flow, reduce swelling as well as ease shoulder, neck and back pain. The benefits of a shower also include improving immune function and assisting with breathing difficulties – thank you steamy bathroom. Also, let us be honest – it is far easier to wash your hair in the shower than it is in the bath.


If you really think about it, both bathing and showering have their unique benefits and appeals, which depending on your mood and time, or lack thereof – are practical and pleasurable in their own ways.  To keep those water-conscious bathers minds at ease, a long relaxing soak in the bath is a-okay… you deserve a treat every now and again and you can always repurpose your used bath water in the garden once you’re finished.


To a lifetime of relaxing baths and invigorating showers – Cobra. Here For You.