The Ultimate DIY Shower Guide with Cobra Spectra
4 December 2020 DIY Tutorials

The Ultimate DIY Shower Guide with Cobra Spectra

A sensory experience to fit any mood, Cobra shows you just how easy it is to install the Cobra Spectra shower range.


Providing a sensory experience to fit any mood, Cobra brings you the ultimate DIY guide to show you just how easy it is to install the Cobra Spectra shower range.

Engineered with some of Cobra's most advanced technology, coupled with a beautiful design, while the Cobra Spectra range comes fully equipped to offer you a premier shower experience, this sensory shower range is available at a competitive price point, putting a spa shower experience within arm’s reach of anyone looking for an easy to install shower switch up.

The Cobra Spectra shower head range allows you to enjoy four (4) different types of shower sensory experiences all in one without having to swap out your shower head fitting for a different type of shower spray. Offering multiple spray patterns; from a pulsating massage water setting to the tranquility of a shower steam experience, a full-body drench spray or shower jet, change up your sensory shower experience with Spectra’s easy touch remote, ergonomically fitted at an easy to reach height.

What’s more, while Cobra’s Spectra range offers you the ultimate in shower flexibility, it’s easy to fit mounting system makes it effortless for any home improvement enthusiast to install these gorgeous shower head fittings to create your dream home spa experience.

With an effortless installation feature that’s as simple as a screw off and back on system, Cobra Spectra Shower head options are possibly one of the easiest ways to fit an all-new shower head installation, with no previous plumbing experience required.

If however, you need to run your installation process past a seasoned specialist, offering professional after sales services available to help ensure your new Cobra Spectra shower head is fitted to perfection, contact our national team of qualified plumbing service professionals to talk you through your installation step by step. Call 0861 212121 or meet the team of Cobra plumbing specialists online here.

Five (5) shower head options available in the full Spectra range including:
  • Spectra eTouch that features an easy-to-use wall-mounted eTouch remote that allows you to change the spray pattern with the touch of a button.
  • Spectra Duo offers a 2-in-1 design including a wide shower head and hand shower combination offering full-body coverage, complete with magnetic docking for an easy transition.
  • Spectra Rain creates a drenching shower pattern designed to create the feeling of soft soaking rain while also combined with water-saving technology.
  • Spectra Switch offers the ultimate in versatility that allows you to switch between four (4) variable shower head spray patterns.
  • Spectra Hand Shower offers that same versatility as the Spectra Switch but as a handheld derivative.

Combining cutting edge technology with some of Cobras most innovative designs, the Cobra Spectra shower head range enables DIY enthusiasts with user-friendly options that allow for easy to update, self-install shower head enhancements that will have the whole family lining up outside the bathroom door for their very own sensory shower experience.

Find everything you need to know about the Cobra Spectra shower range or immerse yourself into the Cobra Online interactive showroom that uses augmented reality to create a 3D product experience.  With new ways to explore and visualise Cobra products in your home, imagine your everyday moments with our virtual products within your reach.