The Best of Both Worlds with the Cobra Shower Bath
1 June 2022

The Best of Both Worlds with the Cobra Shower Bath

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a bath mixer with hand shower – the Cobra Shower Bath

When all else fails, take a bath” – a mantra we think should be in every household. Bathing, whilst a very individual experience is loved by those who enjoy a good spa retreat away from the real world, where troubles are gently washed away with warm soapy bubbles. What better way to enjoy the best of both worlds with a bath mixer with hand shower.

There are some people who do not enjoy baths, these people prefer an exhilarating shower instead of a long soak. Either way… Cobra has a solution for everyone, or in this case, offers the best of both worlds.

Whether you have a small bathroom that doesn’t have space for both a shower enclosure and a standalone bath, or you simply have to agree to disagree with your partner regarding whether a bath or shower is better – we present to you, the Cobra Shower Bath

Designing the ideal bathroom all begins with demarcating the layout and then choosing the perfect bathroom sets.

The Cobra Shower Bath is nowhere near a compromise in a small bathroom, it’s rather an elegant and smart way to design and utilise a compact bathroom space. Even if you have the space, a shower bath allows you to capitalise on space within your bathroom – more space for getting dressed, or you could even incorporate a double vanity so you no longer need to share a basin with your partner. Score!

The Cobra Shower Bath offers you the comfortable, warm retreat of a bathing experience, combined with the exhilarating, powerful experience of a shower – in one! The best part of the shower bath is that the most ideal bath has a bath mixer with hand shower. The shower bath means that you have a hand shower within your bath, plus you have a the overhead shower experience as well.

The Cobra Shower Bath takes up far less space in your bathroom, making it the perfect solution for the smaller ensuite, guest or city apartment bathroom. The unique design of the Cobra Shower Bath provides your typical bath size with a wider section at the ‘shower end’ of the bath so there is plenty of standing space – just like a usual shower. More showering space leads to no splashing of water and a spacious, enjoyable showering experience.

The Cobra Shower Bath is available in Elegancia Left Hand and Right Hand Shower Bath options to cater for every bathroom design. Suitable for the entire family, The Cobra Shower Bath will allow you indulge yourself in luxury or leave you feeling rejuvenated – depending on the experience you decide to choose when stepping into your bath, or shower.

Pair your Cobra Shower Bath with the Cobra Breathe Shower for an invigoratingly powerful hand shower experience, or the Cobra Pause Shower to embrace your more sensual moments in the shower. The best part about a hand shower in the Cobra Shower Bath is the fact that it can be used during a standing shower, or during a bath.

The perfect solution to washing and rinsing your hair whilst in the bath – like a dream come true.


Benefits of taking a shower

Showers are known for an invigorating, refreshing experience. The feeling as water falls from the shower head and patters gently, or powerfully onto your skin. A shower can relax you, washing away the dirt of the day before bedtime, or a shower can revive you and prepare you for the day ahead.

A hand shower is the perfect solution to experiencing both relaxation and rejuvenation as you can decide to use the shower attached to the shower head, or to use it for a powerful spray closer to your body in the comfort of your hand.

Physical benefits of a shower have been shown to improve circulation, ease aches and pains, improve blood flow and even help with sinus, headaches and chest concerns thanks to the warm steam that fills the bathroom.


Benefits of taking a bath

Bathing on the other hand is a slower, more time consuming experience that not only helps to ease physical aches and pains but can also help to elevate your mood and improve your mental wellbeing. There’s some thought that a bath can even help to burn calories – imagine!

Skin soothing properties of a bath filled with oatmeal or essential oils are another perk, and baths can actually help you sleep better at night time. Nothing beats a candlelit, bubbling bath right before bedtime to help unwind and prepare for a great night’s sleep.

We love the benefits of both bathing and showering, and in a world of choice, why choose! The best of both world’s awaits with the Cobra Shower Bath.


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