The benefits of an Outdoor Shower
13 January 2022 Get Inspired

The benefits of an Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers are usually only something we get to experience when we visit luxurious holiday homes or book a trip to a game lodge. 

Outdoor showers are usually only something we get to experience when we visit luxurious holiday homes or book a trip to a game lodge.  An outdoor shower experience is something that you can only really understand once you have experienced it. 


The first’ knee jerk’ reaction when thinking about an outdoor shower is that you will be cold, because it’s outdoors, in the fresh open air.  But this is not the case.  A well planned and built outdoor shower offers everything that a normal hot and revitalising shower does, with the added benefit of the outdoor experience. 


Why an outdoor shower?

Originally outdoor showers were created for the functional purpose of rinsing off dirt or cleaning yourself before entering your home.  It’s common to see outdoor showers at the beach side – perfect for rinsing off the ocean water and salt after a swim. 


These days, outdoor showers have become more of a luxury.  The experience of a private, refreshing shower in the outdoors is almost like being able to stand outside in the rain, except the rain is warm, and there’s way more privacy!


An outdoor shower experience is a very unique one.  It’s the experience of vulnerability, combined with comfort. An exhilarating, yet relaxing experience combined into one!


Additional bathroom

Building an outdoor shower is a really simple way to add on an additional bathing space without having to work on extensive plans to alter your existing home structure.  Simply pick a space outdoors, or on the outside of your existing home or bathroom, plumb into an existing water supply, and build your outdoor shower.


Increased property value

An outdoor shower is viewed as a ‘luxury’ item in many countries.  We typically only see and experience outdoor showers at luxury or romantic getaways, so adding one to your home is an easy way to potentially increase the property value of your home. 


It can also be considered an additional bathroom, so that will automatically help to increase property value. 


Washing down kids

What parent doesn’t want an outdoor space to wash down dirty kids or kids who have been swimming or playing in the sprinklers, or are full of beach sand.  Simply wash them down in the outdoor shower, dry and dress them and bring them indoors.  Your house gets to stay clean – win!


Pet washing area

Washing pets is always a tricky task.  Dog hair flying about your bathroom and shaking, excited dogs is a sure-fire way to ensure your bathroom is in a state fast.  Using your outdoor shower to bathe pets is a fantastic way to use warm water and keep your home clean at the same time.



Tips for building your outdoor shower

Now that we’ve convinced you that every home needs an outdoor shower, here’s some handy tips for embarking on the process of building an outdoor shower. 



The first step to building your first outdoor shower, is to choose a spot outside your home where you would like your shower to be.  Is it alongside the house or bathroom?  Or is it a separate free-standing shower in the garden?


The easiest place to build an outdoor shower is where there is existing plumping.  So for example, where there is already an outside tap or on the outside of the home’s bathroom. 



Design your ideal outdoor shower space.  Here you can start by searching online for DIY outdoor showers or outdoor shower ideas.  Get a good idea of what type of shower you want, and what design you would like. 


Choose your structure

Select the external structure and floor base for your outdoor shower.  Are you going to want tiles or bricks on the floor?  You could even use stones.  For the walls you could use bamboo poles, or wooden or plastic decking. 


For any wooden finishes in your outdoor shower, be sure to make sure they are prepared for regular water contact.  


Choose your fittings

Once you have your external structure and floor sorted, you can now choose your fittings.  What shower head are you going to use?  What shower mixer?  Going to your local store can help you get ideas and professional advice. 


A popular choice for outdoor shower heads is a rain shower head such as the Cobra Spectra Rain Shower Head or the Spectra Duo.  The Spectra Duo provides a full overhead shower experience with the detachable handshower for showering kids, washing off feet and pets.  Spectra has a full range you can view on our website. subcategory/shower-head-incl.-sets  


What if I want a heated outdoor shower?

If you are wanting an outdoor shower with hot water, it’s important that you build your outdoor shower close to an existing hot water source – for instance an existing bathroom – so that you can plumb into hot water source. 


Alternatively you can make use of a portable gas water heater that warms the water coming out of the shower head by means of a pilot flame that ignites the main burner when the water is turned on. 


Another option is to make use of solar powered geyser to heat your outdoor shower water. 



Need some outdoor shower design inspiration? Browse these photos below!