Shower Heads Explained
13 July 2022 Technical Info

Shower Heads Explained

Understand the difference between different types of shower heads and water sprays.

Shower technology has been around for a really long time – fun fact: the first mechanical shower was patented in England in 1967 by William Feetham.

In recent years however, showers have become more of an indulgent experience, and rightly so. More attention has been paid to creating either a refreshing or relaxing, luxurious shower experience.

Here at Cobra we are passionate about the moments that you interact with our products – the moments you spend with our showers and how our showers can enhance your daily lives. Our Cobra shower technology is something special, with each shower head providing a unique experience, water spray and functionality.


Types of Shower Heads


There are a variety of shower heads and hand showers available and when it comes to upgrading your shower experience, it’s best to keep things simple. The main feature of a shower head is the water spray pattern. You should select a new shower head by ensuring it caters for your desired water spray features.


Dual Shower Head

A dual shower head combines the typical wall mounted shower head with the addition of a hand shower and shower hose for the perfect customisable shower experience. The benefit of this shower head is that you get the full coverage of an above-head shower experience, plus the customised control of a hand shower which can provide a variety of unique water spray patterns.

The Cobra Spectra Duo Shower Head and Hand Shower is the perfect example of a dual shower head. The Spectra Duo provides a complete 3D shower experience.


Waterfall Shower Head

A waterfall shower head provides a unique shower experience. Imagine standing beneath a cascading waterfall, that’s your waterfall shower head. The Cobra Welcome Shower Head is a wall mounted shower and provides the option to toggle between a classic spray or waterfall spray effect.


Low Pressure Shower Heads

Certain shower heads are designed specifically for use in low water pressure situations. Hand showers with boosted spray effects are ideal for low water pressure circumstances as you are able to direct the water to your body as needed and the boosted spray provides a higher pressure outlet of water. Other shower heads that provide a mix of water and air, namely aerated shower heads, can provide a more powerful shower experience, where water pressure cannot provide this on its own.

The Cobra Breathe Shower Head would be ideally suited to lower water pressure circumstances.


Water Saving Shower Head

There is such a drive for water conservation at present, and water saving shower heads became very popular during the Western Cape drought. Most shower heads these days are designed in such a way as to not to unnecessarily waste water, but there are many proclaimed water saving shower heads that may, unfortunately compromise on shower experience.

We advise speaking to a consultant to ensure that the water saving shower head you select doesn’t provide a disappointing water spray. The Cobra Arrive Shower Head is one of the available Cobra water saving shower heads, and provides 9 litres per minute with a flow restrictor.

Hand showers are ideal for conservation of water. They provide a powerful water spray exactly where you need it and are great for washing and rinsing hair effectively and quickly. Hand showers enable you to direct the water spray exactly where you need it.


Hand Showers

Hand showers are becoming more popular and simply because they provide a fully customisable shower experience with all the bells and whistles. They’re helpful in conserving water, they provide a powerful shower experience exactly where you need it, and you are able to customise your shower experience with the touch of a button. Want a classic spray? Done. Want a mist or filar spray? Done. Need to rinse hair quickly? Done.

The Cobra Snug Victorian Hand Shower provides the classic spray of a wall mounted shower, with the ability to customise your water spray into a gentle mist spray – perfect for the delicate skin on your face! Looking for a more powerful shower experience, the Cobra Den Hand Shower provides the classic spray of a wall mounted shower with a unique massage spray; or the option of a massage and classic spray mix. You can direct the massage spray exactly where you need it – tired shoulder muscles will welcome a good release from the warm massaging spray.


Booster Sprays

Booster spray hand showers provide a classic water spray, with the option of selecting an air mixer spray or a massage spray. You’re able to toggle between the various water spray effects of the Cobra Breathe Hand Shower with the convenient touch of a button. Giving you complete control of your shower experience. The Breathe Hand Shower also has water saving properties for the eco conscious.

Upgrading your shower experience with a hand shower is so easy! Simply purchase this handy little adaptor, the Cobra Converter Mount, which connects a hand shower and hose onto your existing shower arm. The Cobra Recess Hand Shower is the perfect compact hand shower set addition to your shower.

The 3D shower experience lies in the hand shower – hello 2022 shower trend!

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