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23 October 2023 DIY Tutorials

Seine Renovations

Year end renovations made easy: Upgrading your home with stylish bathroom and kitchen taps 

As the year begins to wind down, we welcome a time of reflection and envisioning new beginnings.

Many homeowners find this time of the year the perfect opportunity to plan their year-end home kitchen and bathroom renovations. And when it comes to infusing fresh life into those familiar spaces, the choice of finishes in the form of bathroom and kitchen taps can make all the difference.

We've previously introduced you to the Cobra Seine Colours bathroom and kitchen tap ranges, which is at the forefront of this transformation, offering an elegant colour scheme that effortlessly upgrades the aesthetics of your home. 

Now, let's delve deeper into how the captivating tones of the Seine Brushed Gold, Brushed Nickel, and Brushed Gun Grey can redefine the design of your kitchen and bathroom, making your renovation project a joyful celebration of the new year ahead.

In the heart of every home, the kitchen and bathroom spaces tell a tale of daily routine. Just like we are winding down this year, these spaces are where we generally wind down for the day, similarly welcoming the start of a new day. As much as we end the day off in these spaces, we also embrace new beginnings at every sunrise.

The Cobra Seine Colours range transforms these daily tales into sagas of elegance and rejuvenation. Let's embark on a visual journey, exploring how each of these charming bathroom and kitchen tap finishes can emerge as the new hero in your home's story. 

From the warm charm of Brushed Gold, the subtle sophistication of Brushed Nickel, to the bold statement of Brushed Gun Grey, each colour narrates a unique story. 

Through the lens of the Seine Colours range, even the fixtures you once considered mundane transform into pieces of art, embodying modernity while embracing the homely charm.

Product Highlights

The Cobra Seine Colours range lends itself beautifully across a variety of fixtures, turning everyday items into statements of style. Let’s highlight the appeal of each finish through some of the products it adorns:

Brushed Gold: The rich, warm tone of Brushed Gold brings a touch of affluence through gold taps. Whether gracing the sleek lines of a Cobra Seine basin mixer or the elegant curve of our shower arm, this finish evokes a sense of luxury. Its radiant hue conveys a classic elegance that enriches both modern and traditional spaces, creating a timeless look.

Brushed Nickel: A more subtle hue, Brushed Nickel carries a quiet whisper of elegance in bathroom designs. On fixtures such as the bath or shower mixer or sink taps, it offers a sophisticated appearance that's both versatile yet distinctive. This neutral shade seamlessly blends with various décor styles, lending a soft, polished atmosphere to the surroundings.

Brushed Gun Grey: Bold and modern, Brushed Gun Grey stands as a testament to modern elegance. Its striking grey  taps presence on products such as Cobra's waste transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. The cool, stylish tone of Brushed Gun Grey embodies a minimalist aesthetic, making a bold statement in any modern home with bold kitchen and grey bathroom taps.

Each colour boasts its own narrative, invites a unique aesthetic to the spaces they occupy, and creates a delightful visual harmony that resonates with the hearts of modern homeowners like you.


The Cobra Seine Colours range combines aesthetics with functionality. Each fixture undergoes a Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) process, which ensures durability and corrosion resistance while maintaining aesthetic appeal. The bathroom single lever taps, crafted from Cobra's Dezincification-Resistant (DZR) brass, promise resilience and long-lasting charm.

With the Seine Colours range, you're not just welcoming a visual transformation but also Cobra's long-standing promise of quality. The robust warranties reflect this commitment.

In this range, you get a 20-year functionality warranty on wastes and nikki spouts, a 10-year warranty on single-lever taps, a five-year warranty on shower and bathroom accessories, and a two-year warranty on the PVD coating.

Embracing the Seine Colours range is not merely a matter of aesthetics; it's about curating a living space that mirrors your lifestyle and aspirations. The distinguished colours allow for a personalised touch, reflecting your unique taste. Moreover, these finishes serve as an investment, potentially enhancing the market value of your home. 

As the year draws to a close, the Cobra Seine Colours range is ready to transition your home into a new era of elegance. The appealing tones of Brushed Gold, Brushed Nickel, and Brushed Gun Grey are more than just colours; they embody a trendy lifestyle. As you ponder your year-end renovations, the transformative appeal of these finishes awaits, with each tint offering the potential to craft a unique look for your beloved spaces.

The journey to a visually appealing home begins with personal choice, and the Seine Colours range is the choice towards a better aesthetic. 

We invite you to explore our Seine Colours range. Finding the perfect balance between modern style and cosy charm is an adventure we're excited to share with you. 

Together, let's create spaces that fit your lifestyle, making every colour and finish count. Cobra. Here For You.