Potty Training Peptalk for Parents
28 April 2021 Pep Talks

Potty Training Peptalk for Parents

Sometimes messy, far from perfect but never dull and almost always made up of stories that last a lifetime, Cobra is here for you. 

Sometimes messy, far from perfect but never dull and almost always made up of stories that last a lifetime, Cobra is here for you. For life’s most authentic moments, playing our part in ordinary, everyday life as you live it.

What can be a tricky transition, Cobra provides some tips to take the stress out of potty training your toddler with a peptalk for parents. From potty training to toilet etiquette and everything in between we’re here for you as you take the first steps in becoming potty proud. 

Identifying tell-tale signs that your toddler is ready to begin the transition from diapers to the potty is half the job done when starting a potty-training journey. Keeping in mind that every child develops at an individual pace, girls versus boys, 1st born versus 2nd, each child transitions at their own time with no hard and fast rule defining when the perfect time to potty train will be. 

While the timing may vary from toddler to toddler, cue’s indicating that your child may be ready to “go potty” include:

  • Your toddler is conscious of the urge to go to the toilet.
  • Their nappy stays dry for longer than 2 hours at a time.
  • An interest in wearing “undies” and visiting the toilet.
  • Your toddler manages to pull on or off their clothing.
  • Waking up dry after a nap
  • No longer comfortable in a diaper

The key to a successful potty-training transition is to never force the matter or to attempt to potty train during times that other change may be taking place, for example starting at creche, moving to a new house, or welcoming a sibling into the family. While potty training should come without too much effort provided your toddler is developmentally ready to start, the slightest change to the status quo may cause regression or deterrence to successful potty training.


The ToiletTalk

Begin by talking about the toilet, introducing the idea to your toddler, and even announcing when you need to “go potty”. By doing so will help to normalise the process, teaching your toddler to feel comfortable about this new learning experience. 


Follow a Routine

Before going to the potty becomes a habit, it is a learned process, reinforced by repetition. Plan a potty visit schedule sticking to a predictable routine that is consistently repeated.   Whether opting to follow an hourly or two hourly schedule or associating going potty to other events throughout the day for example visiting the toilet before leaving the house or ahead of naptime, provided the routine is consistent and predictable the process will soon form a habit in your toddlers’ day to day activities. 


Be Potty Positive

Remove any anxiety or disappointment around potty training with positive potty affirmations. Rewarding your toddler with loads of praise and excitement,  a new pack of briefs, or a potty sticker chart is a great way to encourage your toddlers’ potty transition without creating unnecessary anxiety associated with large and grandiose gifts. The key with offering rewards is to positively affirm the behaviour but without causing distress around being denied a “gift” when they do not get it right. Play down potty accidents and avoid discomfort or embarrassment by always having a change of clothes on hand affirming that there is ample opportunity to get it right the next time. 


Potty Peptalk for Parents

Please know that the success of your toddler’s toilet training journey is not a reflection on their ability or aptitude and nor is it an in indication of your parenting skills. When things go wrong or get messy (because the chances are they will), when standing in your bathroom watching your baby transition into a toilet trained toddler remind yourself of this; 

  • You are the perfect parent for your child.
  • Its ok to find a two-sie inside of a one-sie
  • Always have a can-poo attitude
  • Its ok to clean parts of your toilet you did not know existed.
  • There is no right or wrong so long as everything is done with love.

An exciting and significant milestone in your toddler’s development, always remember that potty training is not perfected overnight, nor does it happen without its many hurdles and learnings along the way. No matter how long it may take, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu.