Modern Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Cobra explores modern bathroom remodelling ideas for Summer 2021. Here is a full-scale floor to ceiling renovation ideas for your bathroom.
26 February 2021 Get Inspired
Modern Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Cobra showcases bathroom re-modelling ideas for Summer 2021.

Having spent more time at home than anywhere else during the past year, we have all had more than enough time re-evaluate our home interiors, décor and styles. Perhaps this has sparked vision boards and remodelling plans to modernise, refurbish and renovate bathrooms across the country.

Cobra explores modern bathroom remodelling ideas for Summer 2021 from small-scale updates such as the replacement of bathroom screw-down taps, showerheads and mixers, to a minor updates of bathroom themes and colour palettes; as well as full-scale floor to ceiling renovation ideas that see bathroom plumbing plans completely revisited.


Bathroom Bling

From shimmer to sheen and all things that gleam, making a glitzy comeback game, enter more - shimmer - more - sparkle - more - reflection, and light. Think bathroom mosaics with a flash of glitter, mirrored tiles, and lux decals of gold-leaf wallpaper, feature walls and all the drama of a crystal chandelier to reflect the splendour of your bathroom escapades. Complete with the Cobra PureShine promise, durable chrome surfaces that protect bathroom taps and fittings from scratches, scuffs, grime build-up (and so easy to clean), pair your favourite Cobra bathroom tap collection to the sheer glamour of a pre-Oscars party soaking.


It’s a Mood

From soft lighting and dusky details to moody wall paint colours juxtaposed against sharp fittings, black and white splashbacks, and features that create a modern-day 1930’s barber style bathroom throwback. Simple, elegant, and equally masculine as it can be feminine - depending on styling accessories and embellishments. We love matching Cobra Karoo, Cobra Bordo Square and Cobra Focus collections to this distinctive barber bathroom décor trend.


Clean, Serene and Green

Earthy textures, raw finishes, soft forms, natural stone and wood blends - bringing what could be an outdoor bathing experience into an indoor setting, an all-natural inspired bathroom design brings much appeal to homeowners looking to remodel their bathroom into a haven or sanctuary of escape, tranquillity and the ultimate in relaxation. Eco-conscious by design and engineered to echo the same sentiment through its appearance, the Cobra Focus collection threads together your commitment to water conscious living with a 1970’s Macrame fern hanging, green, serene bathroom theme.


Modern Minimalist

Strong, stark, with a modern minimalism that speaks very much to the “less is more” KonMari decluttering model, picture concrete bathtubs, un-plastered brickwork, round and smooth angles or even sharp and pointed corners. While one might not think it so, modern minimalist bathroom design ideas offer a surprisingly warm sophistication and a timeless interior aesthetic that can be changed up just as much as it can be kept the same without dating. Almost all Cobra bathroom taps, wall spouts, shower and handheld mixers can be paired to a minimalist bathroom design based on the type of finish you opt to remodel your modern minimalist bathroom with.


From raw earthy textures to marbled surfaces, gold leaf wallpaper, a return to brass and copper colour tones to black bathtubs and elegant wall hanging pot plants, find a Cobra bathroom tap collection to pair with your favourite bathroom trends. Shop cobra taps online or instore.