Meaningful Movember Moments with Cobra

Share a Meaningful Movember Moment with Cobra, growing awareness & educating men on the importance of mental health, prostate & testicular cancer.
2 November 2020 Pep Talks
Meaningful Movember Moments with Cobra


Share a Meaningful Movember Moment with Cobra, growing awareness and educating men and boys about the importance of mental health, suicide prevention, prostate and testicular cancer with Cobra. Here For You.

Supporting your bro by growing a Mo quite literally turns anyone that participates in the Movember Movement into a living, breathing message aimed a growing awareness, rallying support and spreading the message of the importance of men's mental health and physical wellbeing. A movement that started with a priority focus on testicular and prostate cancer has since evolved to include the importance of paying close attention to men's mental health and seeking help when faced with overwhelming feelings.

Now more than ever, growing concerns connected not only to men's prostate and testicular health, but an increased report of depression, anxiety, suicide and feelings of despair turns a moment that typically starts behind a bathroom door, into a journey of awareness, education, early detection and hope for men and boys afflicted by reproductive and mental health issues. 


Share a Meaningful Movember Moment with your father, son, brother, or bro with Cobra. Here For You.


Check in on Your Mental Health

2020 has brought about challenges that many of us never imagined we would have to face. From social anxiety, socio-economic distress, job security, fear for the future and disruptions to education and study routines, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an alarming increase in depression, anxiety, stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. No matter what you or those you care for are experiencing, the first step in seeking help is acknowledging your emotions and checking in on where your mental health is at. What you resist persists, which is exactly why owning your emotions and simply acknowledging how you feel, especially for men who are stereotypically feeling averse, is key to accepting that its ok not to be ok. 


Nuts, Eggs or Balls be ok with them All

Learn how to tell the difference between a normal scrotum and testes and the early signs of abnormalities. Much in the same as ladies are encouraged to keep in touch with regular checks done to detect the early sings of breast cancer, prostate and testicular cancer is no different. Keeping a close watch on any irregularities, pain, swelling, or a simple blood test may be all that it takes to beat the cancer beast. Teach your sons, brothers and even fathers how to identify early signs of irregularities and encourage them to seek help without shame sooner rather than later. 


Stay Negative by Practicing Positive Sexual Health

While research suggests that there is a close correlation between sexually transmitted diseases and prostate cancer, although STD's are not necessarily linked to causing prostate cancer, having the talk with young men about the importance of practising safe sex is not only in their best interest but in the interest of their partners health and safety too.  Sharing these Meaningful Movember Moments may place fathers, grandfathers, big brothers and bro’s outside of their comfort zones, having the talk and encouraging safe sex is a rite of passage that all boys should responsibly follow no matter how uncomfortable, into manhood.


More from the Movember Movement

From growing a Mo to hosting a Mo-ment or moving for Movember, help to raise funds distributed across 1,250 projects world-wide, aimed at men’s mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. However, you opt to participate, join a movement of 5 million plus Mo bros and sistas on a Mo-mission to help men live happier, healthier, longer lives. For more visit