LIXIL Project Mbabane
13 June 2023 Get Inspired

LIXIL Project Mbabane

Luxury residential PSPF Mbabane Apartments, a LIXIL Project

Mbabane Apartments' Luxury Touch by LIXIL


The PSPF Mbabane Apartments project in Mbabane, Eswatini, is a multi-storey luxury residential development aimed at addressing the growing need for accommodation within the city.

This high-rise complex, featuring two and three-bedroom apartments, is designed to provide modern living spaces and recreational facilities with a unique focus on sustainability and convenience for its residents.

LIXIL is proud to have been chosen to supply key products for this project, including our Cobra taps Nile Full Range, Vaal Weaver, and Cobra Carina Taps. We trust that these high-quality fixtures will enhance both the design and functionality of the PSPF Mbabane Apartments, creating comfortable and stylish living spaces for the residents.

LIXIL's Cobra Nile Full Range, Vaal Weaver, and Cobra taps Carina will be featured in the overall upmarket design of the PSPF Mbabane Apartments. These products not only ensure efficient functionality but also contribute to the luxury aesthetic of the units, making these valuable investment opportunities for investors and owners alike. 

The aesthetic symmetry of our selected products harmonises with the upmarket design of this development.


Eco-Friendliness and Water Efficiency

In addition to the sophisticated design of these products, our Cobra taps Nile Full Range, Vaal Weaver, and Cobra Carina Taps contribute to the eco-friendliness of the PSPF Mbabane Apartments by promoting water efficiency.

Each of our products used in the PSPF Mbabane Apartments is equipped with water-saving features that help reduce water consumption without compromising on user experience. The Cobra Nile Full Range and Cobra Carina Taps come with 6-litre-per-minute flow restrictors, which help control the water flow whilst providing a comfortable user experience.

The Vaal Weaver, with its integrated overflow, also contributes to water efficiency by preventing wastage in case of any overflows.

These water-saving features not only benefit the environment by reducing water usage but also lead to cost savings for the residents and owners of the PSPF Mbabane Apartments.

At LIXIL, we continue to strive toward providing products with a focus on eco-friendliness and high-quality living, creating a sustainable and comfortable living environment for the residents.


Benefits for End-Users and Developers

Incorporating our Cobra taps Nile Range in the PSPF Mbabane Apartments offers numerous advantages for both the residents and the developers of this exciting project. This range of taps and fittings combines style, functionality, and durability, making it an ideal choice for high-quality residential developments.

One of the key features of the Cobra Nile Range is the Pure Shine finish, which not only adds a luxurious touch to the fixtures but also offers practical benefits.

This finish provides resistance to scratches and dirt, making it easy to maintain and ensuring that the products maintain their classy finish for a lifetime. Residents will appreciate the lasting beauty and simple maintenance, while developers can be confident in the durability of the fixtures.

Another benefit of the Cobra Nile Range is the availability of genuine spare parts, which means that any repairs or replacements can be carried out with ease.

Residents of these apartments will thus receive reliable support and after-sales service for our products.

It is also worth mentioning that the Cobra Nile Range incorporates the innovative Cobra Eco Mind water-saving technology, which regulates water flow ensuring minimal water wastage. This technology further enhances the eco-friendliness of the PSPF Mbabane Apartments and demonstrates our commitment to creating sustainable living environments.

Our ongoing commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction is demonstrated by our comprehensive warranty periods and after-sales support for the Cobra Nile Range, Vaal Weaver, and Cobra Carina Taps used in this development.


Warranty and After-Sales Support

The warranty periods for the LIXIL products used in the PSPF Mbabane Apartments are as follows:

- Cobra Nile Full Range: 10 Years Warranty

- Vaal Weaver: 10 Years Warranty

- Cobra Carina Taps: 20 Years Warranty

In the event of any product issues or failures, the process for the residents of the PSPF Mbabane Apartments to contact LIXIL and initiate a warranty claim is straightforward.

We offer after-sales service, allowing residents to communicate any concerns directly to the project specialist. The project specialist then forwards the matter to our after-sales service department, which takes the necessary steps to address the issue.

This process ensures that the residents receive prompt and reliable support in case of any product-related issues.


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