Introducing Cobra's New Bathroom Ceramic Sanitary Ware

Cobra launches all-new bathroom sanitaryware that transforms your everyday rituals into an idyllic bathroom retreat.
24 June 2021 Get Inspired
Introducing Cobra's New Bathroom Ceramic Sanitary Ware

Cobra launches all-new bathroom ceramic sanitaryware that transforms your everyday rituals into an idyllic bathroom retreat. Cobra has now made bathroom updates really easy by offering a full bathroom range that connects everyday moments with bathroom fittings that speak to both your needs and desires, while meeting the highest international quality expectations.

With a strong focus on aesthetic design, each range has been created with the intent to make you feel welcome, sheltered, rested and accomplished.

Matching your many meaningful bathroom moments to some of our most beautiful bathroom ceramic sanitaryware yet, let us walk you through the new Cobra ceramic basin and toilet sanitaryware and what you can expect to find in each.


Cobra WELCOME Ceramic Sanitaryware Range

Nothing gives you that welcoming feeling like entering a space that eases both your mind and soul. With family-friendly and easy-to-use properties, the Cobra Welcome range transforms your bathroom into a comfortable space with its simple yet modern design. This new range, shaped with more classic curves and a pure white finish, offers both small and medium wall hung basin options, ideal for smaller bathroom spaces and a more timeless aesthetic.Available as part of the same suite, the new Cobra ceramic Welcome sanitaryware range also offers a Close Couple Toilet suite, as well as a wall hung toilet pan complete with seat and dual flush capability.


Cobra SHELTER Ceramic Sanitaryware Range

The Cobra Shelter range is a family favourite that is inspired by the creation of safe and comfortable spaces by providing bathroom fixtures that enhance every special bathroom moment. From the wall hung corner basin for guest toilets or smaller bathroom spaces to the Cobra Shelter round wall hung basin - the Cobra Shelter ceramic sanitary ware range offers a modernised spin on the more classic rounded basin shape. While still voluptuous with smooth and comfortable curves, the Cobra Shelter Close Coupled toilet suite comes complete with all the required parts and fittings and features a soft close seat and cover. Available as part of the new Cobra ceramic Shelter sanitary ware range, the wall hung toilet pan with dual flush capability is fully compatible with concealed cistern systems and offers a contemporary, seamless toilet fitting.


Cobra ARRIVE Ceramic Sanitaryware Range

Nothing says ‘I’m the hostess with most’ like a statement piece. The Cobra Arrive range is a showstopper, perfect for leaving that lasting impression. Lush with alluring lines and desirable soft curves, the Cobra Arrive square wall hung basin is as generous in space as it is in aesthetic appeal. Fitted as a wall hung feature, this gorgeous basin is also compatible with the Cobra Arrive square semi-pedestal for added polish, and of course, any of the Cobra standard-sized basin mixers. Made to match and adding to the collection’s overall appeal, the Cobra Arrive Close Coupled Toilet suite or the stunning wall hung toilet pan and matching seat curates a beautiful bathroom design that commands attention from the envious eye.


Cobra Pause Ceramic Sanitaryware Range

We all know that most of our special daily rituals are experienced in the kitchen or bathroom. Another new edition to the Cobra family is the Pause ceramic sanitary ware range. The design and functionality of the Cobra Pause range is inspired by the idea of taking a second to embrace every beautiful moment shared with your loved ones. The range contains the beautifully curvy Cobra Pause Close Coupled toilet suite, complete with the dual flush capability, as well as the more angular shaped Pause Wall Hung toilet, which features hygiene rim technology. Both derivatives offer the ultimate in design appeal, adding to the modern aesthetics of any contemporary bathroom layout.


We hope you are as thrilled as we are with the launch of the new Cobra ceramic sanitaryware collection, which will ensure your everyday bathroom moments are enhanced with our carefully curated, quality bathroom products. Now offering the full bathroom solution.