In-wall Cisterns and Actuator Plates

In-wall toilet cisterns and toilet actuator plates - Cobra talks you through concealed toilet cisterns and their flushing and maintenance mechanisms
19 August 2021 Get Inspired
In-wall Cisterns and Actuator Plates
In-wall cisterns and actuator plates - Cobra talks you through concealed toilet cisterns and their flushing and maintenance mechanisms, helping you to understand these bathroom fittings and how to shop for compatible parts. 

What is an in-wall toilet cistern?

An in-wall cistern, also referred to as a concealed cistern, is very much as the name suggests; a cistern that is concealed behind the wall of a bathroom. Modern, sophisticated, and adding to the minimalist aesthetic of more contemporary bathroom layouts, an in-wall toilet cistern offers an on-trend and space-saving solution for smaller bathroom spaces. 
"Hidden" or concealed within the wall or behind the bathroom wall tiling, with only the actuator plate (flushing mechanism) visible on the wall, wall hung toilets coupled with in-wall, concealed cisterns create a perception of more space and a stylish bathroom interior. Compact, neat, and producing a quieter flushing experience given that the sound of the cistern flushing is screened behind the wall, tiling or even a cabinet in which its fitted, concealed cisterns create an enhanced bathroom ambience and comfort. In-wall cisterns result in the concealment of not only the cistern tank, but the plumbing and waste pipes remain out of sight too, flowing directly into the floor or wall leaving only the toilet pan visible to the bathroom user. And while one may imagine maintaining an in-wall cistern to be a challenge, this assumption would be wrong, as the concealed cistern flushing system is easily accessed through the actuator plate.

What is an Actuator Plate?

Where the perfect form meets the perfect function, an actuator plate is the flat flushing mechanism of a concealed toilet cistern which is fitted level to the wall. Refined, aesthetically pleasing, and effective in creating a sense of cleanliness and hygiene,  actuator plates are available in a selection of versatile designs and   flushing functionalities; for example, single versus dual flush capability
As part of the recent launch of Cobra’s all-new bathroom ceramics sanitaryware range, Cobra has also introduced the new Cobra concealed cistern suitable for floor or wall-mounted installations and is leading the way with Easy Click-Fit technology.  At just 78mm thick, Cobra's new concealed cistern (Cistern code - CENSHJNN-2C) features a quick release condensation plate and compatible floor or wall brackets. Offering remarkable strength with a frame capacity of 400kg’s, a tank capacity of 100kg’s, and the assurance of lasting performance having been tested to a 200 000-flush cycles, the new Cobra concealed cistern can be coupled with new Cobra actuator plate designs in both square (MZ007188) or round (MZ007187) options.  
With an emphasis on design and the aim of transforming everyday bathroom rituals into meaningful moments of retreat, the new Cobra ceramics range speaks to a multitude of needs, where each new collection has been carefully curated to make you feel welcome, sheltered, rested or accomplished. Compatible with the new, aptly named Cobra collections,  Arrive, Pause, Shelter and Welcome, the new Cobra concealed cistern and actuator plate options may be paired with all of the new wall-hung or floor mounted pans within these new ranges.