How to Create the Perfect Family Bathroom
14 March 2022 Get Inspired

How to Create the Perfect Family Bathroom

The perfect family bathroom is a comfortable space that allows all members of the family to move in and around it with ease. The family bathroom need not be a chaotic, towel on the floor laden, cramped space which you rush in and out of every evening in an attempt to rush through ‘suicide hour’ with the kids.

The perfect family bathroom is a comfortable space that allows all members of the family to move in and around it with ease. The family bathroom need not be a chaotic, towel on the floor laden, cramped space which you rush in and out of every evening in an attempt to rush through ‘suicide hour’ with the kids.

The perfect bathroom can be a harmonious space, a space where you can take 30 minutes of relaxation to bond and connect with your little people. A space where water splashed on the floor and toothpaste in the basin doesn’t make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. A space that was MADE for you and your little family.

How do you envision family bath and shower time at the end of the day? Is it filled with chaos and stress, or is it a moment of downtime for everyone in your home? Here at Cobra, we believe that these moments… the moments your body interacts with an experience of water, should be a time where you can move inward and relax. A time where you can focus on the small things – the little toes in the bath, the conversations with little voices about their day at school.

Your evening bath time routine should be a momentary pause from the chaos of the outside world, and we have the perfect ideas to help you create this space in your family home.


Creating the perfect family bathroom

The family bathroom can be busy, it can be messy, and untidiness can cause undue stress for parents. Creating a bathroom space that caters for the possibilities of messes and spills, a space that can handle these mishaps and everyday splashes, is the best way to ensure that you can just let the small things slide and enjoy this time with your family.


Shower systems

Not all bathrooms have the space to be able to install a bath, and when you have little ones, especially babies, a bath feels vital. Cue Cobra Hand Showers to the rescue. Hand Showers make a great shower facility for the family bathroom.

Smaller children don’t always enjoy water splashing in their face, and a hand shower provides the perfect solution to this. Hand showers are great, children showering with parents or even showering alone. They’re great for washing hair and even washing babies – simply put their bath seat in the shower and use a gentle spray… they’ll love the relaxing stimulation of the water on their delicate skin.



The Cobra Spectra Duo 2-in-1 design provides a showerhead with an integrated hand shower, making the transition from shower to hand shower seamless whilst keeping your shower neat and tidy.



The new Cobra Pause Shower provides the comfort and ease of use of a typical hand shower with a contemporary square-shaped, white shower head design for that stylish finish.


Bubble bath moments

As much as we love our showers, a good old bubble soak goes a long way. A comfortable bath where you can soak in the magic of the bubbles with your kids, chatting and washing away the play of the day.

Whether it’s a free-standing or built in bath, baths are essential for the family bathroom. They’re easy to sit alongside or lean over and help your small people bath themselves – removing all the dirt between their little toes.

Pair one of our beautiful Cobra baths with a Cobra Star Tap and Mixer Screw down to make running a bath and rinsing off all those bubbles a breeze!




Comfortable and stylish toilets

When it comes to the family bathroom, we prefer a minimalistic approach to toilets. Simple, chic and comfortable toilets that are easy to clean and simple for little hands to flush, and lift the seats on their own.

Wall hung toilets that are seamless and can be cleaned with a simple wipe over, such as the Cobra Arrive or the Cobra Pause Wall-Hung toilets are perfect for the family bathroom. They’re compatible with concealed cisterns with actuator plates which are easy for the smallest hands to flush after use.



Cobra toilet seats are easy to lift and place down, and light enough to reduce the risk of small fingers being trapped.


The family basin

The basin in the family bathroom needs to cater for many a toothbrush and a lot of hand wash coming and goings. A double vanity with two sinks is the perfect addition to the family bathroom – space for mom and dad as well as your little people.

Cobra Den basin mixer taps are perfect for the family bathroom. Their sleek and easy-to-use loop handle design is perfect for the smallest hands, through to the eldest hands in the household.

Turning the tap on and off is easy with the Cobra Den bathroom taps. Remember to teach your children the importance of conserving water.


Design and attention to detail

Just because the family bathroom may be a little messier and have more bodies moving through it, doesn’t mean that this bathroom shouldn’t reflect contemporary design and stylish comfort.

Bathroom walls can be embellished with a bold feature wall, or uniquely textured tiles. Wallpaper is another incredible option that can transform any family bathroom from bland to beautiful – just make sure there is adequate ventilation in your bathroom if you choose to make use of wallpaper.



Granite or quartz countertops that don’t scratch easily are a great go-to in the family bathroom. Choose a lighter colour such as whites or creams if you don’t want to see any streaks from wiping down water and splashes.

Another fantastic touch for the family bathroom is heated towel rails for you to wrap your children in warmed fluffy towels after a hot bath or shower.

Storage space in the family bathroom is very important – you don’t want to see clutter laying on your countertops. Go for concealed drawers in a vanity or even stylish wired shelving to store all those extras so that your countertops are always open and tidy. Woven baskets make wonderful and easily accessible storage for towels or toilet paper, and bring an earthy smell to the family bathroom.

May your family bathroom bring you many magical moments with your loved ones. Cobra. Here For You.