How to choose the perfect bathroom basin
18 January 2022 Get Inspired

How to choose the perfect bathroom basin

Choosing a basin for your bathroom may seem like a simple task, but there’s so much more to consider than just aesthetic appeal.

Cobra Bathroom Solutions – Choosing the Right Basin for Your Bathroom 

Choosing a basin for your bathroom may seem like a simple task, but there’s so much more to consider than just aesthetic appeal.  A basin doesn’t only need to look good, it needs to fulfil a very important purpose.

Bathroom basins are one of the most utilised assets in a home and form an integral part of your everyday hygiene routine.

Those moments where you wash your hands after every bathroom visit, where you brush your teeth and teach your children to brush theirs.  Very often it’s the same place where we lean over and apply our make up in the mornings or style our hair.

That’s why it’s so important to know exactly what type of basin you want in your bathroom.  You don’t want a basin that’s too high or takes up too much space on your bathroom counter.  

Firstly, it’s important to note the different types of basins available:

- Above Counter (or Counter Top) Basin
These bathrooms basins are free standing basins that are placed on top of a bathroom counter or vanity.  They are available in a wide range of shapes and modern designs.  

- Below Counter (or Under Slung) Basin
A below counter basin is built into the bathroom counter top with the rim of the basin located underneath the counter.  Think sunken basin effect.  

- Drop-in Basin
A drop-in basin is where the lip or rim of the basin is on top of the bathroom counter, but the basin itself is sunken into the counter top.  

- Vanity Basin
A vanity basin is where the basin is built into a vanity – the wooden or metal cupboard-type vanity with doors for storage of items.  

- Wall Mounted Basin
A wall mounted basin is where the basin is mounted to the bathroom wall and not placed on top of a bathroom counter.  

- Pedestal Basin
A pedestal basin is the type of basin that has a pedestal fitted underneath the basin which covers the waste and bottle trap underneath the basin – providing a beautiful aesthetic.  This is a traditional style that is very common in older bathrooms.   

We’re going to talk through some considerations regarding the choice of the right basin for your bathroom and your needs below.

1. Location of your basin

The first step in choosing the right basin is to decide where exactly it will be placed in your bathroom.  

If you are revamping the entire bathroom,  you will have more freedom in selecting the location and type of basin for your bathroom.   

If you are updating or replacing an existing basin, you would need to ensure your new basin fits the dimensions of the basin currently installed.  

The location of your basin is also very important for plumbing purposes as well as the selection of your basin taps and mixers.  

2. Bathroom space

The available space you have in your bathroom is very important when it comes down to choosing the right basin.  If you have limited space in your bathroom then a wall mounted basin would be ideal as they take up far less room and are perfect for smaller spaces.  

If you already have counters fitted in your bathroom, but don’t want to lose any counter space as you would with an above counter basin, it would make sense to choose a drop-in or below counter basin.  

If you have a vast bathroom space, you can go wild and create a double basin bathroom counter or add in a vanity basin!

3. Bathroom style

What bathroom aesthetic are you wanting to achieve?  If you prefer a more traditional bathroom style, then a pedestal basin is perfectly-suited.  If you are looking to create a more modern design, then a below counter basin is very current and sophisticated.

If you’re leaning more towards a contemporary design, then a free standing wall basin or above counter basin is edgy and unique.

4. Functionality

Are you creating a sophisticated guest bathroom where you want to ‘wow’ your guests with an edgy or modern design?  Or are you creating a bathroom for your family that caters to the needs of young children?

Functionality is very important when it comes to choosing the right basin.  Above counter basins can be a little trickier to clean, so whilst perfect for the guest bathroom, it may not be ideal for small children with dirty hands and toothpaste – always the toothpaste!

In addition, a wall mounted basin, whilst great for saving space and aesthetic appeal, could be the perfect height for small children to bang their heads on, or they may lean on it, which may be cause for concern as these basins are not made for bearing weight.  

5. Plumbing

The last important aspect to take note of is that whichever basin you select, you want to ensure that the plumbing set-up is conducive to the basin installation and does not impact on aesthetic appeal. 

You also need to ensure that you choose your taps and your basin together to ensure compatibility. 

We hope that we have provided some insight on choosing the right basin for your functional and design needs!  You can browse our bathroom basin ranges here. new.cobra.ceramics