Houseplants to help Dehumidify your Bathroom

Cobra reveals a list of indoor plants that dehumidify your bathroom while making them look beautiful. Read more…
28 April 2021 Get Inspired
Houseplants to help Dehumidify your Bathroom

A look created by natural décor, from macrame planters to floating glass greenhouse bubbles, air plants, palms and shower curtain creepers, Cobra reveals a list of indoor plants that dehumidify your bathroom while making them look beautiful. 

A  symbiotic solution shared between warm and moist bathrooms and indoor plants that prefer humid and indirect lighting, adding greenery and plants to your bathroom works wonders to remove trapped humidity in spaces that lack ventilation or natural airflow. 

The most effective plants to absorb moisture or dehumidify your bathroom are those that are best able to absorb humidity through the "flesh" of their leaves. From Orchids and Lily’s to Palms, and Ivy. Explore with us our indoor bathroom plant list that effectively dehumidify bathroom spaces. 


Renowned for their adaptability to varying types of conditional, palms are not only lovely to keep in your home but are excellent at dehumidifying steamy bathrooms. And while they are excellent “de-misters”, they are also adept in clarifying air impurities and contaminants. Needing only to keep their soil damp and some species requiring a little light to flourish,  we are especially keen on the Reed Palm which is both hardy and offering lovely voluminous foliage.  

Peace Lily

Wax-like and flowering in a variety of colour variants, the Peace Lily loves the humidity in your bathroom about as much as you love showering or bathing in it! While needing little light and only haphazard watering, the Peace Lily can withstand forgetful neglect and minimal maintenance provided you are having a steamy bath or shower in the room in which it resides. 


Fashionable, exquisite, and extremely high maintenance until you put it in the bathroom, many an orchid has come back from near-death just by forgetting about them in a warm, light, and high humidity bathroom. In fact, one of an Orchids biggest gripes is to be fussed over and watered too frequently, far preferring to achieve most of its hydration through its fleshing leaves.  

English Ivy

A dream to maintain and extremely effective in dehumidifying bathrooms where moisture becomes strapped higher up, closer to the ceiling. The English Ivy does extremely well, hoisted in hanging baskets higher up and given the opportunity to drape itself across or down bathroom walls, corner shelving or thoughtfully placed wire guides that it can support itself on. 

Boston Fern

Generous with foliage, beautifully green and lush, Boston Ferns fill up bathroom spaces that need a splash of colour and life to otherwise bare and empty gaps. Absorbing much of their nutrients from humidity in the air that surrounds them, while they make for otherwise wonderful houseplants, they do especially well and quite prefer moisture ridden rooms, indirect light and soil that has been kept warm and damp.   

Effective in dehumidifying steamy bathrooms and clarifying the air, carefully selected plants strategically placed in your bathroom is believed to be responsible for other practical benefits too. From improving one’s mood and reducing anxiety, to making guests feel more comfortable, green-themed bathrooms add gorgeous aesthetics and all the right "feels" to bathroom spaces in need of that  “final touch”.