Get Amped Up to Work Out

Cheering you on and filling you with all the motivation you need to hit your workout hard, hear our Cobra Workout War Cry to pep-talk you into falling in love with exercise.
2 November 2020 Pep Talks
Get Amped Up to Work Out


Cheering you on and inspiring you with all the courage and motivation you need to hit the gym, go for a run or smash that Pilates class where it counts, hear our Cobra Workout War Cry to pep-talk you into falling in love with exercise.


Let’s be fair, finding the necessary enthusiasm to get a meaningful workout going is 60% mindset, 30% motive, and 10% enjoyment. And while there may be two types of fitness fanatics out there including those who wake up ready to work out and those who simply don’t, whether you are a workout warrior or worrier, we stan and are here to help you get pumped up to workout. What might seem to be a near-impossible task, with a few simple tricks from Cobra’s Workout War Cry, fool yourself into falling love with working out and establishing a sustainable workout exercise routine.


Give Yourself a Reason

Setting a goal is one of the most important keys to pep-talking yourself into commitment and working toward achieving whatever it is you set out to do. While for some there is only one thing we all love more than winning and that is losing [weight], for many others establishing an exercise routine might mean having more energy to play with your children or overcoming chronic health issues. Whatever your reason, whether it be to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle, write your goals down, and post them on your bathroom mirror as a constant reminder of your efforts.


Measure Your Results

Ever notice how before and after photos are usually the deciding factor to starting something new, when it comes to getting amped for your workout there really is no difference. At the onset of your exercise journey, start by taking your measurements and snap a selfie or two to note your current shape. Each week log your measurements and notice the amazing changes that will start to take place. Not only will your starting measurements motivate you to get moving but seeing steady results will be enough motivation to keep the momentum going. 


Let The Rhythm Get You

While listening to your favourite playlist will keep you moving, music has the innate ability to help establish momentum or rhythm to repetitive workouts. While some enjoy ambient repetitive beats, others may prefer more aggressive music to keep motivated. Whatever your preference, set up a few playlists of your favourite tunes to keep you focussed, moving, and exercising with a purpose. 


Be Your Own Personal Trainer

From repetitive motivational mantra’s to positive reinforcement, whether you encourage yourself using your internal voice or do so with sporadic verbal outbursts to keep pushing, keep yourself motivated and moving by constantly talking to yourself, counting your reps, and mentally encouraging your progress with your thoughts. 


Feel the Burn but Not the Burnout

Keep your workouts varied and interesting by prepping your weekly exercise routines around different focus areas.  Training different focused areas on different days helps your body recover in between workouts while also ensuring your exercises are efficient, focussed, and bring about noticeable results. While it's important to continue to challenge yourself, remember that part of falling in love with working out is allowing your body and fitness levels to adjust to new activities.