Festive Season Time Spent in the Kitchen
8 November 2021 Pep Talks

Festive Season Time Spent in the Kitchen

With the Cobra new range of Single Lever kitchen taps, cleaning up is so easy that you will be eager to let the kids lend a hand around the kitchen this festive season.

As we near the end of the year, the annual festive spirit begins to kick in, and this year more than ever – we need to prioritise time spent with family and friends during the festive season.  

Most people associate the festive season with time spent in our kitchens, cooking and preparing meals for our loved ones to celebrate quality time together over hearty meals.

As we begin to spend more and more time in the kitchen this festive season, our kitchen becomes the focal point of our homes. Where we prepare meals, where we cook, pack lunches, where our evening and morning conversations are held… all this time spent daily in a focal point of your home.

It’s also the time of the year where we get the kids involved in the kitchen.  Baking festive cookies together or building gingerbread houses, the kids love to get their hands dirty during these fun festive activities.  Finding ways to get the kids involved during meal preparation in the kitchen is a great way to spend time with them while getting the work done.  It also creates fond memories for children where they can bond with their family members.

The centre of your home where your family members gather on a daily basis, and as the festive season approaches – family and friends from near and far all gather together to share laughter and good meals together. Why not transform that focal point of your home into a well-functioning sanctuary of comfort, love and style?

A Beautiful Range of Cobra New Single Levers

The Cobra new Single Lever range of kitchen taps was specifically designed for the human touch.  For comfort, for every day moments spent together in the kitchen as a family… these stylish and sophisticated taps hold a timeliness design that will grow with you and your family as you journey many a festive season together.

This festive season we love the new Cobra Single Lever Range, Pause. A range that was created to transform our most basic daily rituals spent in the kitchen into moments where we pause, take a breath and appreciate the beauty and love that surrounds us.  A range of kitchen taps that helps you to embrace those little sticky cookie dough covered fingers as you rinse them under the Cobra Pause Single Lever Sink Mixer.

For those moments when your hands are full of food, use your elbow to simply open up the Cobra Recess Single Lever Sink Mixer. It’s unique C-spout and swivel outlet make this tap a handy companion for washing hands during the cooking process.

The Cobra Den Single Lever Sink Mixer is a chrome plated C-spout pillar sink mixer, perfect for little hands to use whilst helping out around the kitchen.

Kitchen taps should always be easy and comfortable to make use of whilst you work your way around the kitchen, and the Cobra new range of Single Levers was designed for aesthetic beauty, comfort and usability - all combined into one.  

Getting the kids involved in the kitchen this festive season

With the Cobra new range of Single Lever kitchen taps, cleaning up is so easy that you will be eager to let the kids lend a hand around the kitchen this festive season.

Not only is learning their way around the kitchen a valuable life skill all children should be exposed to, but with so much of your time spent in the kitchen during the festive period - having them help you and get involved is a great way to ensure they are kept busy and enjoy the quality time with you.

Picky eaters could even benefit from helping around the kitchen, especially as they are exposed to new dishes around the festive period – it could encourage them to taste test new flavours and widen their selection of foods.

Who knows, you may even create a little lifelong kitchen assistant who is always willing to help out during meal times.

Ways in which children can help in the kitchen:

  • Washing fruits and vegetables: The Cobra Recess Single Lever Sink Mixer is an easy to use C-spout pillar sink mixer that even young children will be able to use for washing fruits and vegetables with ease. They’ll love the experience of water on their hands, and their very new independence in washing those fruits and veggies for Mom and Dad.  
  • Mixing of ingredients in a bowl: Kids love this part, they can either use a spoon, or get their hands involved. But mixing all the ingredients into a bowl is a great experience for small children.  If you’re using an electric beater, the kids can be the ingredient ‘adder’ and help to add ingredient by ingredient into the bowl as the beater mixes.  
  • Loading and offloading the dishwasher: You’ll be surprised how quickly young children grasp the concept of loading and unloading dishes in to and out of the dishwasher.  Obviously knives and other sharp utensils will need to be handled by an adult, but children are more than capable of handling porcelain dishes and mugs.  
  • Cracking eggs: Funnily enough, this is a huge hit with kids. You’ll probably need to teach them with an egg or two, showing them how to do it – but kids love a good old egg cracking session.  Have a spoon at the ready for any eggshell pieces, or a handy tip is to let them crack one egg at a time into a bowl so you only need to possibly fish out egg shells pieces from one egg and not six!
  • Packing groceries: You’ll thank us for this one. Once kids get into the habit of helping you pack away groceries, it becomes second nature after each grocery run.  They also really love ‘exploring’ the goodies in the shopping bags and the independence of packing them into their unique places within the kitchen.
  • Setting the table: A somewhat dull activity becomes very exciting during the festive season.  Let the kids help you set the festive table for family mealtimes.  All the exciting additions on a festive table will have the kids excited to lay them out, and they’ll even feel proud of their accomplishments as everyone sits around the table to enjoy their work.  

Make the most of your everyday moments spent in the kitchen, filling this time with love, companionship and learning – transforming the kitchen experience a family one, not only during the festive period, but always.

Cobra. Here For You. Through all the family moments.