Electronic Bathroom Taps
5 April 2023 Get Inspired

Electronic Bathroom Taps

Cobratron electronic kitchen and bathroom taps provide multiple benefits in the home and public space.

Electronic bathroom taps and kitchen taps hold a variety of benefits in the home, public or hospitality space, and here at Cobra we have a range of electronic taps.

One of the most popular implementations of electronic taps that we have seen is in the public bathroom taps space. This is to help minimise the cross contamination of germs between multiple users. If people aren’t physically touching taps to turn them on and off, they aren’t leaving germs behind for the next person to pick up.

Electronic bathroom taps are also hugely beneficial in the hospitality space, within hotels and restaurants, where multiple staff are working with the taps on a daily basis. Electronic taps help to reduce the cross contamination of germs amongst staff and customers, as well as to minimise mess, especially in busy restaurant kitchens.

Kitchen staff and chefs often have messy hands from handling food items, and need to constantly wash their hands between different meals and plates. Electronic kitchen taps allow for the frequent washing of hands without the need to touch the tap handle and leave mess on the tap itself.

Kitchen and bathroom taps/mixers are some of the germiest places in your home or business. They are third on a survey’s list of most germ-infested places. Generally, people don’t wash their hands effectively or for the length of time health officials, like WHO (World Health Organisation) recommend. This organisation states that you should wash your hands for no less than 20 seconds. When you don’t wash your hands properly, you miss some critical points on your hands where germs concentrate like the thumb, finger nails and the gaps between your fingers.

One of the biggest benefits, and possibly one of the most underrated, of electronic taps are their water saving abilities. Taps are turned on with the waving of a hand, or placing of a hand beneath the tap and as soon as the hands are removed, the water switches off.

People who benefit the most from motion-sensor taps are:

  • Elderly
  • Young children
  • People with disabilities
  • Those with impaired motor skills
  • Those who are immunocompromised


Bathroom and kitchen taps are not left running for long periods of time, wasting one of our most precious resources. They’re simple to turn on, and turn themselves off. Helping to conserve every single drop of unnecessary water usage.

Cobra prides itself on a powerful range of electronic, touch-free bathroom and kitchen taps that offer quality, performance and affordability.

Besides the benefits of upgrading your current manual fixtures to touchless motion-sensor taps, the look and feel of a modern kitchen or bathroom tap increases the joy of using these spaces. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but you also feel better knowing you are doing your part to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

The Cobratron range of taps provide an environmentally responsible product with a sleek and modern look.

Cobra Cobratron Touchless Basin Tap is a pillar style tap that offers a single water temperature, either cold or blended water. For the blended water option, one would be required to purchase the EL-X60 as an additional add-on for this tap, as it comes standard with single cold water supply option. This touch-free electronic tap offers up to 10 000 hours of battery life with 4 AA batteries included in the system. A braided multi-felxor connector is required and needs to be purchased as an add-on for this tap.

The Cobra Cobraton Touchless Basin Spout is made of dezincification resistant brass (DZR) and fits directly onto the wall with a concealed implementation, offering a slanted design. The same applies for this tap with regards to water temperature, only single temperature water is an option and the EL-X60 is required for the blended water option. The in-wall PVC pipe is included with this tap, but a braided flexi connector hose is required to be purchased as an add-on. This tap also offers up to 10 000 hours of battery life with 4 AA batteries included.

Cobra Cobratron Touchless Basin Spout is another concealed implementation, wall type basin tap. This tap is a straight design offering modern aesthetics. Also boasting dezincification resistant brass and a single temperature, blended water requiring the El-X60, option, as well as up to 10 000 hours of battery life. A braided flexi connector hose is required as an add-on, however the in-wall PVC pipe is supplied.

Also offering up to 10 000 hours of battery life is the Cobra Cobratron Touchless Basin Spout which boasts a unique faucet design directing water into the basin with it’s straight modern design. This tap takes 4 AAA batteries which are included with the purchase, and provides a single water temperature with the add-on of EL-X60 providing blended water as an option. A concealed wall type installation makes this tap perfect for modern or contemporary bathroom designs.

If you are looking for an enhanced water saving electronic bathroom tap, then the Cobra Cobraton Basin Tap is the ideal solution. This touch-free electronic pillar style tap has a pressure-compensating flow restrictor with a maximum flow rate of 6L/min. Without compromising on water pressure, this bathroom tap has a solenoid valve and internal battery pack that makes it ideal for load shedding.

Cobra also offers a range of thermostatic mixer electronic taps, wave sensors, electronic soap dispensers and electronic toilet flush valves, all which can be viewed on our website.

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