Cost effective DIY Febru-worry Plumbing Tips on a Budget
3 February 2021 DIY Tutorials

Cost effective DIY Febru-worry Plumbing Tips on a Budget

Start the new year with your dream bathroom remodel or kitchen tap upgrades. Here is our plumbing tips on a budget.


Cobra shares cost-effective DIY Febru-worry plumbing tips to suit any plumbing budget. Starting the new year with new ideas of your dream bathroom remodel or kitchen tap upgrades, while your wish list may be endless, your budget may not be so permitted. Cobra helps you to find a happy go-between that allows you to start pursuing your home's plumbing must haves while adhering to February's sometimes tight budget.


Switch Things up with Cobra Screw Down Taps

With a selection of designs to suit your unique taste and preferences, Cobra’s budget-friendly range of screw-down taps offers the ultimate in cost-effective DIY kitchen and bathroom updates. Budget-friendly, a dream to install, and quality assured offering Cobra’s promise of high-quality products, Cobra’s screw-down kitchen and bathroom taps allow you to take charge of your home improvement goals. Transforming the look of an outdated or drab bathroom, or injecting new lifeblood into worn kitchen taps, the Cobra Screw Down tap range offers a quick and easy solution to exchange bathroom and kitchen handles without commissioning an end-to-end bathroom or kitchen DIY plumbing remodel. Offering a variety of styles, easy to switch out for an updated look, Cobra’s affordable screw-down taps are more resistant to dirt in the water supply than in single-lever options and are manufactured using durable dezincification-resistant brass, which ensures their longevity. Where Cobra's kitchen screw downs are also equipped with easy-to-install adaptors that allow you to connect your sink to other kitchen appliances, a selection of the bathroom basin screw-down options are fitted with flow-restricting aerators allowing for improved water efficiencies.


Learn how to Fix a Leak

A simple and easy plumbing budget-friendly DIY plumbing fix to an unassuming but avoidable expense, attending to a leaking tap is something simple to do (for the most part) as a cost-effective DIY home fix and will end up saving you buckets of money (and water) in the long run. Where the culprit of a leaking tap has been put down to a worn rubber washer, these can be purchased for not more than a few pennies at your local hardware store and replaced with ease in a few simple steps. The first step to replacing a worn tap washer starts with turning off your main water supply, (or stop valve if this forms part of your plumbing fitting). Carefully remove the tap handle cover and loosen the fitting using a screwdriver exposing the worn washer. Replace the old washer with the correctly sized new rubber washer and reassemble the tap fitting. Pay careful attention not to over tighten the tap fitting as this may lead to more significant damage.


Whether you are itching to start you next home improvement project or simply holding gains until the new year’s budgets have been “approved”, for more cost-effective Febru-worry plumbing tips and advice, contact Cobra Assist.