Cobra’s New Year Self-Love Peptalk
26 January 2021 Pep Talks

Cobra’s New Year Self-Love Peptalk

Let’s start the new year right with Cobra’s Self-Love Peptalk. Read more….


Say no to New Year’s resolutions and yes to Cobra’s Self-Care, Self-Love Peptalk. Filled with anticipation and expectations, while the New Year promises renewed prosperity and positivity, resolutions may very often place an enormous amount of undue pressure and anxiety on a time that should be spent creating, manifesting, and writing wish lists for your hopes and dreams for the future. Having already endured an unprecedented year of challenges, heartache, fear, stress, and insurmountable change, let’s start the new year right with Cobra’s Self-Love Peptalk.


Stop Comparing

Comparing your progress, your appearance, your career, and even your family to others or even worse so, people you follow online is like pouring a weed killer to the buds and blossoms you have worked so hard to grow towards in the year past. While we are innately wired with a competitive streak and drawing comparisons to those we look up to is a natural way to benchmark, know where to draw a line in your comparisons taking great care to note that what you see on the surface, may be a classic case of Instagram Vs Reality. Instead, a more meaningful act of self-love would be by comparing apples with apples, by rather comparing your current self to your past self. By setting a goal and noting where you are at the beginning, and later looking back drawing a comparison to "how it started and how it’s going" is a much more meaningful and relevant comparison to benchmark yourself against. Each moment spent reflecting on your individual progress is an act of self-love that brings you closer to actualising your personal goals.


Let go of Toxic People

A second, third, or millionth chance, there will always be a reason to stay but toxic relationships are called toxic because they dump waste, emotional clutter on your otherwise positive outlook, and ultimately clog your flow. Leaching you of your lifeblood and energy that could be used elsewhere, letting go of toxic or self-serving people in your life is possibly one of the most self-loving things you can do. And, while many may not be able to imagine just how simple it is to let go of the emotional baggage that other people have dumped on you to carry, it’s as simple (and sometimes as literal) as walking through a door, leaving the luggage on the outside and closing the door behind you. For just a moment, remove yourself from the relationship and imagine what advice you might give someone else in a similar situation? Take your own advice and let. them. go.


You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play

Take the job, buy the dress, wear the new shoes, spray the perfume, and burn the candles. Taking advantage of the power of now is an undeniable form of self-love. Timing is almost never perfect, your situation neither. “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised”, so do it today, make it work, and if it doesn’t, that’s ok too. Just like a game of cards, if you don’t play, how will you win and if you never lose, how will you learn? Constantly reflect on where you have come and how that has shaped where you are today. Soon you will note that it was your boldest moves, your biggest risks, and most challenging adventures that contributed the most to your happiness.

While we each hold high hopes for a brighter tomorrow, perhaps the key to achieving our life’s greatest delights is in indulging in today's little wins, its simple joys, a kind gesture, sunshine, and a moment of pause in happy chaos.