Cobra’s First Date Pep Talk
10 March 2021 Pep Talks

Cobra’s First Date Pep Talk

To help get you warmed up and ready to leave an intriguing first date impression find Cobra’s first date pep talk. Read more


The post-pandemic dating scene can be a daunting idea with many of us having lost our knack for basic social interactions let alone our neve to muster up the courage to ask someone out on a date. The great news is that if you have already asked or been asked out on a date, that’s the first hurdle jumped. For the rest, to help get you warmed up and ready to leave an intriguing first date impression find Cobra’s first date pep talk perfect for a bathroom mirror Oorah!


Embrace the Newness.

No matter how comfortable you may be socially, a first date with someone new is bound to get those butterflies bustling. Embrace that feeling, welcome the nerves and remember that anxiety equals excitement and excitement means the date is important to you. Steady yourself by pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth while looking at your bathroom mirror reflection and reminding yourself just how remarkable you are! Do this even while you are headed out the door or in the car and feeling a little jittery. This technique works wonders to neutralise some of those nervous flutters by releasing anxious energy.


First-date Glam Checklist

After plumping, priming, plucking and highlighting, Cobra’s go to glam checklist for one last bathroom vanity sweep includes the following fool proof first date beauty checks;

  • Give your skin a golden glow For a dewy full body glow, use a gentle body exfoliator or exfoliating glove in the shower or bath the night before and be sure to hydrate your skin by moisturizing well on the day of your date with your favourite shower oil or post bath body lotion.
  • Bed head hair for the win Unless you have naturally smooth and sleek locks, full beach waves or messy bun hair is not only effortless but a fool proof way to make it through your date with not a hair out of place. Soft and romantic, creating the perfect frame for any face, plait damp hair the night before or morning of your date. Once fully dried and you’re just about ready to go, undo and scrunch your braided waves with setting spray or sea salt water for an authentic beach wave look. Leave loose or tousle on top of your crown for the perfect bed head hair.
  • Just a little lippy goes a long way With a fine line between too much and too little lippy, we’re here with a simple rule of thumb when it comes to the amount of lip gloss and liner applied to create the most kissable lips. Soft, plump and well moisturised lips are the goal, where glassy-glossed lips can appear over-complicated for any first date kiss. Go for a lipstick of gloss brand that offers lasting colour, not too much sheen and remember to blot just before leaving the bathroom to avoid your lip colour transferring to your teeth.


There’s no you, “You’er” than you!

Marketing yourself as someone and something you‘re not serves no one and certainly not the foundation on which you are trying to establish a potentially lasting relationship. You are enough. More than in fact, and the success of your relationship is not determined by your worth, or the way you look but rather by how well suited you are to your match. Bring only yourself to the table, looking and behaving authentically you by highlighting your natural beauty both inside and out.