Cobra Originals: Relaunch of Cobra Taps Original Screw Down Range
10 October 2022 Get Inspired

Cobra Originals: Relaunch of Cobra Taps Original Screw Down Range

We’re relaunching our much loved screw down Cobra taps!

Get excited - a dose of Cobra nostalgia is headed your way! We are re-launching our much-loved original screw down Cobra taps under the banner of Cobra Originals. Everything you love about our original screw down taps with a few improvements thrown in.

You spoke and we listened. Our most tried and trusted original screw down taps will continue to provide the high level of quality, durability and functionality you’ve come to expect from the Cobra brand.


What’s new with Cobra Original Screw Down Taps?

The much-loved Stella and Metsi original handles are back! Wide ergonomic curves and simple comfort of the handles will make interacting with our basin mixer taps during your everyday moments a pleasure.
In addition to the original handle designs, the size of the bathroom taps are the same as what you remember from years ago.

Our bath mixers have welcomed an exciting design update where the hand shower has its own holder which can be attached directly on to the bathroom wall, instead of resting on the cradle of the mixer. A far more simplistic, modern design that provides easy access during those bath time moments.

We have also reverted our diverter levers back to the original ‘up-down’ design for simple use amongst the entire family!


What can you expect with our re-launch?

3 Classic Cobra taps styles are going to be released first and foremost. You can expect to see the original Cobra Star design, the rose-shaped Stella design, and the curvy Metsi design.

A highlight of our relaunch is that our original screw downs are designed with Cobra EasySwitch, which means that you can swap out your current tap handle with another handle style in the Cobra Original offering, as and when you wish.

Our Cobra Originals come with a 20 year warranty and access to the Cobra TeamAssist technical service team. Genuine spare parts are readily available, and our taps have been designed to comply with the relevant quality requirements, providing you with peace of mind that they will continue to function far into the future.

Are you ready for a Cobra Originals comeback? We sure are! Cobra. Here For You.

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