Cobra New Showers 
18 March 2022 Get Inspired

Cobra New Showers 

Showers are often thought of as a quick, in and out, body cleansing experience.  Mostly rushed with the end goal being to wash your hair, cleanse your body, and get on with your day.

Showers are often thought of as a quick, in and out, body cleansing experience. Mostly rushed with the end goal being to wash your hair, cleanse your body, and get on with your day.

At Cobra, we believe that showers are an escape from the everyday world. 

When you shower using Cobra fittings, you are taking a moment out of your day to relax, revive and rejuvenate your body and soul. 

Our new range of showers provide just that, and more! With multiple, unique water spray features that suit your unique desires and needs as well as your budget. Transforming your shower experience is so simple, you don’t need to call in a plumber or rework your existing shower system to experience Cobra Shower moments. 

DIY-friendly, invigorating, revitalising, and relaxing shower experiences that will make you look forward to your shower every day. 

Our new shower collection complements our existing Cobra ranges, namely Arrive, Breathe, Den, Pause, Snug, Welcome, and Recess. Adding a new shower to your existing Cobra bathroom is so simple; a shower revamp without the work!

View our new ranges below:

Cobra Arrive Shower 

A quiet moment to yourself, the shower water gently patting down on your skin. Massaging and revitalising your body as you inhale the warm steam filling the bathroom. Cobra Arrive showers are available in large, chic square or round showerheads to provide the ultimate rainfall shower experience.  

Cobra Breathe Shower

Choose from an invigoratingly powerful hand shower experience, or a pattering rainfall experience provided by a white, rectangular shower head, adding a contemporary touch to the most beautiful bathrooms. A show stopper which allows one a sigh of relief.    

Cobra Den Shower

Sophisticated design combined with a classic shower experience or an invigorating jet-like shower immersion. This range of showers is made for the compact shower space and rejuvenates like no other.  

Cobra Pause Shower

Stylish, sophisticated hand showers designed for comfort and ease-of-use. Moulding into your hand as if they were made for it, the gentle curves and simple manouverability provide a powerful shower experience. In addition, a square-shaped, white shower head allows you to embrace your sensual moments in the shower.  

Cobra Snug Shower

Ergonomic lines flow through this entire range, a range that allows you to select between a classic, filar, or mist spray shower experience. Customise your shower experience with quality and style. Gentle mist sprays offer the perfect beautifying facial cleansing option.

Cobra Welcome Shower

Experience a waterfall in the deepest mountain gorge, amongst the lush leaves and shaded moss. The Cobra Welcome shower head invites you to experience a shower like no other by providing the choice between a classic or a waterfall spray.  

Cobra Recess Shower 

For the on-the-move shower, this shower range provides an efficient experience, reaching all parts of the body that require cleansing and reinvigoration. The hand shower is compact and provides the comfortable and efficient classic shower spray. 

Cobra Shower Accessories

The Cobra shower collection includes shower accessories that allow you to customise your showering experience by adjusting the angle, height, or efficiency of the shower spray. The range boasts beautiful designs that contribute to a beautiful bathroom aesthetic. 

Every element that you could require for your bathroom re-design is now available at Cobra thanks to the introduction of Cobra baths and new Cobra shower collection. Our full bathroom solution offering makes revamping and creating the perfect idyllic bathroom experience that much easier.

Your bathrooms moments are the special moments you create with Cobra on a daily basis. Cobra. Here For You.