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24 April 2023 Technical Info

Cobra Geyser Valves

Preparing Your Geyser for Winter Months: A Comprehensive Guide to Geyser Valves

As winter looms, it's crucial to guarantee your geyser's ability to provide a reliable hot-water supply.

Geyser valves are essential for maintaining the efficiency and safety of your geyser system, and proper maintenance can prevent expensive damages and reduce energy usage.

Let's explore the various geyser valves, their roles, the importance of regular maintenance checks, and the advantages of using heat-retaining methods such as geyser blankets.


Types of Geyser Valves and Their Roles

Geyser valves come in various types, each with specific functions:

  1. Pressure Control Valve: has two functions controlling the incoming mains pressure regulating the system pressure and with a separate function serves an explanation valve ( as water heats up it expands and the expanded water is released into the atmosphere through an overflow pipe
  2. Vacuum Breakers: A device which prevents back- siphonage by creating an atmospheric vent when there is either a negative pressure or sub-atmospheric pressure in the water system.
  3. Temperature and Pressure Valve: serves as a protection valve in the event the thermostat or pressure control valve malfunction


The Importance of Geyser Valve Maintenance in Winter

In winter, your geyser's heating cycles are longer due to colder incoming water. This increased heating time can cause geyser valves to work harder, potentially leading to unnecessary valve replacements if not monitored properly. To ensure optimal geyser valve function, it's important to measure the geyser's expansion and determine if the valves are expanding more than they have to.

A simple calculation can help estimate the expected expansion per heating cycle:

  • (Hot Water Temp - Cold Water Temp) x Size of Geyser x 0.002 = Expansion per litre

For example:

  • (65°C - 15°C) x 150 litres x 0.001 = 7.5 litres of expansion per heating cycle

If your geyser experiences excessive expansion, it's crucial to contact us to verify your warranty before calling a plumber.


Heat-Retaining Methods: Geyser Blankets

Geyser blankets are recommended to help maintain water temperature and reduce energy consumption. Although geyser manufacturers produce B-Rated geysers with sufficient insulation, a properly-fitted geyser blanket can provide additional insulation, keeping water hotter for longer. This results in reduced strain on the heating element and thermostat, leading to lower energy charges and a more efficient geyser system.


Tips for Homeowners and Plumbers

Here are some practical tips for homeowners and plumbers to determine when a geyser valve is faulty:

  1. Switch off the electrical breaker to the geyser.
  2. Run around 2.5 litres of hot water from any hot water tap.
  3. If the valve stops leaking, it's normal expansion. If it continues to leak, the valve is faulty or their might be dirt on the main seat or the cartridge needs to be replaced , particularly if there has been recent work on the main water line.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your geyser is functioning efficiently and safely during the winter months.



Preparing your geyser for winter is essential for ensuring efficiency and longevity. Proper maintenance of geyser valves, including regular check-ups and timely replacements, can prevent costly damages and reduce energy consumption.

Additionally, using heat-retaining methods like geyser blankets can further optimise your geyser's performance and save you money on your electricity consumption. Monitor your geyser's expansion and consult us before calling a plumber if you suspect any issues. By taking these steps, you can enjoy a consistent supply of hot water throughout the winter months.


Warranty and Support

Cobra part of Lixil offers a two-year warranty on pressure control valves, with some exceptions, such as the LSEV type multi-valve, which has a five-year warranty. In case of a valve failure within the warranty period, you can contact our national call centre on 0861 21 21 21 for assistance.

Before removing any valves, remember that experienced technicians will conduct a thorough assessment on-site to determine the cause of the issue.


Signs of Valve Failure and When to Call a Plumber

It's essential to know the signs of a valve failure so that you can call a qualified plumber when needed. If a valve is continuously dripping or fails outright — causing water to gush out — it's time to call a plumber.

Additionally, if the 15mm and 22mm overflow pipes in your geyser system are dripping excessively, you may require maintenance.

However, if the 50mm pipe overflows, there's a possibility that your geyser has a tear and needs urgent attention.


Final Thoughts

Understanding the importance of geyser valves and their maintenance ensures that your geyser system is well-prepared for the winter months.

Regular check-ups, timely valve replacements, and heat-retaining methods such as geyser blankets can significantly improve your geyser's efficiency and save you money on electricity bills.

To learn more about Lixil Cobra's Geyser valves and how they can help you maintain an efficient and safe geyser system, please visit Cobra Geyser Valves | Lixil Africa

By taking the time to maintain your geyser and its valves, you can enjoy a warm and comfortable winter season without any unexpected disruptions to your hot-water supply.

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