Cobra Black Taps
22 June 2023 Get Inspired

Cobra Black Taps

Cobra brings you modern black taps with the Seine Ebony range of taps.
Cobra Seine Ebony Range: Complementing Bathroom Aesthetics with Darker Accents.

Described by Forbes as the hottest home design trend for 2023, Matte Black is expected to make its appearance in homes all around the world this year. This sentiment is echoed by home design experts and brands participating in this year's Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, USA. Allow us to introduce the Seine Ebony Matte Black taps bathroom range from Cobra — the perfect blend of luxury and modernity.

Black is not only a stylish neutral colour, it is also bold enough to make a striking impact on your décor. It serves as a contrasting element against lighter colours, effectively preventing a washed-out look and adding depth to your bathroom or kitchen space.

To paint a vivid visual picture, imagine installing the entire Cobra Seine Ebony black bathroom tap range in a white marble-clad bathroom. The result would be a striking interior with a pristine white backdrop accentuated by deep, dark contrasts. In this specific setting, our matte black products emerge as the ideal colour match. The non-reflective matte nature achieves the perfect balance between light glossy surfaces and black non-glossy accents, ensuring a harmonious aesthetic.

Let's explore the comprehensive range of the Cobra Seine Ebony collection:


Bathroom Mixers

Cobra's Seine Ebony black tap range boasts a selection of high-quality bathroom mixers that combine functionality with modern design. Crafted with durable dezincification resistant (DZR) brass and coated in a fashionable matte black finish, these mixers add a touch of class to any bathroom. Whether it's the concealed bath and shower mixer, the exposed bath mixer with single-lever operation and diverter functionality, or the sink mixer with its curvaceous design, each mixer ensures longevity and reliable performance.


Kitchen Mixers

We extend the elegance of the Cobra Seine Ebony range to the heart of your home — your kitchen. Built with the same attention to detail, our matte black kitchen mixers offer style and functionality while decorating your kitchen space with striking design and reliable performance. From classic lever-operated mixers to pull-out spray options, these stylish black mixer taps will make each visit to the kitchen a pleasant one.


Shower Accessories

Elevate your shower experience with our range of shower accessories in matte black. The Seine Ebony black shower arm, with its generous length and stainless steel construction, pairs perfectly with the Seine Ebony black shower head. With a soothing spray at a flow rate of 9 litres per minute, this combination creates a spa-like experience.


Bathroom Accessories

Complete your bathroom transformation with our range of matte black bathroom accessories. From wastes to black towel rails, each accessory complements the Cobra Seine Ebony range, offering striking matte black accents.


Transform your space into a sanctuary of style and luxury with the comprehensive range of the Cobra Seine Ebony collection. Featuring common features such as dezincification resistant (DZR) brass construction and the durable matte black coating, every item in the Cobra Seine Ebony range ensures durability and longevity.

To view the complete Seine Ebony black taps range, visit our website!

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