Cobra Baths – The Full Bathroom Solution
21 March 2022 Get Inspired

Cobra Baths – The Full Bathroom Solution

We know exactly what it’s like when you’re embarking on a bathroom redesign and revamp project.  You have your dream bathroom in mind, and you know exactly what look and feel you want to achieve – but now the goal is to fulfil those dreams and visions.

You want to take your dreams and make them reality. Sourcing all your bathroom elements, basins, taps, baths, toilet and shower accessories… there are so many elements that bring a bathroom together.  

Here at Cobra, we can now make the entire process that much easier for you by offering a full bathroom solution!

Everything that you need for your bathroom, you can now get from Cobra, including an exciting range of baths.  

Our Cobra Bath range contains some gorgeous items and has every type of bath you could need. From freestanding traditionally-styled baths to drop-ins and even shower baths. Whatever your bathing needs, Cobra has it covered, in style.  

Cobra Bath Time Moments 

The bathing experience is a very individual experience. There are those long, solo soaks in the bath offering a retreat from everyday life and a moment of peace for yourself.  Sipping on a glass of wine, or reading a book. Bath time is your time!

There’s the quality bonding time with your partner. Chatting about your day, venting, or laughing about the moments you just have to share with each other.  

There’s the fun bath times with your children. Coloured bath markers to let the imagination run wild or bubble moustaches whilst your children enjoy their magical time in the bath.  

Cobra baths are made for these bath time moments. They are fibreglass reinforced for extra strength and durability, making them an investment for your family home.  

Cobra Bath Types

  • Free Standing One Piece Bath

Our free standing one piece baths are beautiful and elegant. The Kate Woburn is a modern yet luxurious looking bath that will fit into any contemporary bathroom design. Pair her with a tubular Bath Spout, clicker bath waste, and Cobra Breathe concealed bath mixer for moments where you can heave a sigh of relief.  

The Flow Supreme has gentler curves and offers superior comfort for those family bath time moments, complete with little legs climbing in and out of the bath. Pair her with the ultra-modern Cobra Recess wall mounted bath mixer and clicker bath waste.

  • Free Standing Skirted Baths 

Our free standing skirted baths offer a unique design with a skirted lip around the top of the bath.  

Our Cubo free standing skirted bath offers a contemporary cube-shaped design that pairs perfectly with the Cobra Nile exposed bath mixer, Cobra Pause square hand shower, Cobra Snug hand shower hose, and Cobra clicker bath waste for a full bathing solution.  

The Xtacy free standing skirted bath is beautiful with gentle rounded edges. Pair her with a Cobra long bath spout, Cobra Snug concealed bath mixer, and Cobra clicker bath waste for a luscious bath time experience.


  • Drop-in Baths

A drop-in bath is a bath that is “dropped in” to a frame or structure known as a surround, most commonly built with bricks and tiled. This is one of the most common types of baths we see in bathrooms. 

Our Xtacy Oval Drop-in bath provides a comfortable and luxurious bathing experience and will pair perfectly with the Cobra Pause exposed bath mixer, Cobra Snug hand shower hose, Cobra Pause round hand shower, and Cobra clicker bath waste, enhancing those peaceful moments in the bath. 

Our rectangular drop-in bath range includes the Carmen 1500 with handles and the Carmen 1500 without handles – it just depends on whether you need that extra support getting in and out of the bath.  Pair either of these baths with the Cobra Stella exposed bath mixer with hand shower and hose and a Cobra bath waste for the ultimate bath time solution.   

The Cubo design is also available in a drop-in version and provides an elegant and modern feel to your bathroom design, offering comfort and a sophisticated touch. Pair the Cubo bath with the Cobra Ledimo exposed bath mixer with hand shower and hose and a clicker bath waste.


  • Shower Baths

Our unique shower baths are the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms where there’s no space for a separate shower and a separate bath in the same bathroom. Shower baths allow you to experience the best of the bathing and showering experience.  

Our Elegancia Shower Baths offer a spacious showering experience where the bath is wider at the end where showering would take place. No more feeling like you’re confined to a small bath whilst you shower, trying to squeeze into a very narrow space.  

The Elegancia Shower Baths are available in both left hand and right hand options depending on the design of your bathroom.  Both will pair perfectly with the Cobra Amazon exposed bath mixer, Cobra Pause square hand shower, Cobra Snug hand shower hose, and Cobra clicker bath waste when a bath is desired. For the shower solution, the Cobra Snug Hand Shower Hose, Cobra Pause chrome plated square hand shower, and the Cobra Snug square shower rail provide the perfect combination. 


  • Shower Trays

Not to be missing from the overall bathroom solution, our Cobra Sitra shower tray offers a comfortable shower experience by including a handy step for assistance getting in and out of the shower, or provision of comfort for those shaving in the shower. 

Pair our Sitra shower tray with two Cobra Carina stop taps and Cobra shower waste. The Cobra chrome plated 145mm shower arm and Cobra Den 115mm 6-spray shower head completes your shower experience.  

There’s no more having to shop around to source your required bathroom elements. Cobra is now your one-stop-bathroom solution! Everything you need for your bathroom is now available at Cobra, with complementary product designs providing a seamless aesthetic.   

Beautiful designs, beautiful styles. Your full bathroom solution. Cobra. Here For You.