Budget Small Bathroom Ideas with Cobra Moments
31 May 2022 DIY Tutorials

Budget Small Bathroom Ideas with Cobra Moments

Momfluencer, Aamirah Jano created a stunning modern bathroom with these budget small bathroom ideas

Last year Creative Director and Founder of @mumzluv_magazine and MOMtrepreneur, Aamirah Jano embarked on an exciting journey to revamp her most precious place of restoration with a bathroom makeover making use of some fantastic budget small bathroom ideas.

Aamriah’s vision for her bathroom redesign idea was to create a spa experience for herself as a personal relaxing spa escape, as well as a bathroom designed to share with the family.  Like she says, “wherever mom is, the kids always follow”. The kids love the addition of the hand shower which gets much use!

Their previous ensuite bathroom was very small and didn’t include a bath so the addition of a bath seems to be the cherry on top of a stunningly modern, open plan ensuite small bathroom revamp and the bathroom has now become a place for Aamirah and her family to relax and indulge in those everyday Cobra moments.

When asked why Aamirah chose an open plan bathroom, she responded that she wanted to expand the existing small space and creating an open plan ensuite bathroom was a great way to accomplish that. We happen to agree and are always keen for space saving ideas in small bathrooms.  

Aamirah’s bathroom DIY journey saw a lot of triumph, fun and bonding time with her two young children.  

Getting her kids involved in the bathroom makeover process, Aamirah says, helped to keep them busy and allow them to get in on the fun parts – such as painting, spraying and staining wood, as she says they tend to love mess.  As we all know most kids do.

Budget is a really important aspect in any home makeover and Aamirah was able to create a heavenly bathroom whilst keeping it cost effective.  She admits that they did go over their original budget, but they still managed to save quite a bit of money with their budget small bathroom ideas.

Aamirah says that they sourced most of their materials from Builders SA, taking full advantage of their bathroom specials, and then proceeded to do a lot of the work themselves.  They painted, built in the window frames as well as doing most of the bathroom décor ideas and bathroom accessories themselves.  

A great feature of Aamirah’s bathroom makeover was the handmade bathroom mat which they used LEGO pieces to create – talk about making use of the kids toys that are always laying around the house. You can view the DIY video here.  

For this bathroom décor idea, the Cobra Pause Toilet was selected because of its uniquely ergonomic shape and how Aamirah finds it perfect for the kids. A Cobra Recess basin tap and mixer complements the modern bathroom, while the Cobra Spectra Rain Shower takes centre stage.  

Aamirah praises her new Cobra Spectra Rain Shower for its water saving capabilities as well as for its large shower head and waterfall rainfall vibes. The stones added underneath the bath were a ‘last minute’ addition, and match perfectly with the sanctuary spa retreat that Aamirah was aiming to achieve.

Chatting to Aamirah, we asked her about her approach to ‘keeping it real’ with her momfluencing and what the one thing she suggested other mom’s should try to ‘let go of’ in the bathroom with young children: “The mess! Definitely the mess! When it comes to young kids in the bathroom, it is almost impossible for them not to splash and mess water on the floor.  Learn to just accept it and let it be instead of stressing about it. On a more positive note, at least its water, which will make cleaning up quicker.”

Aamriah says this is where having her bathroom décor ideas and an open plan bathroom design comes in handy – she says that it’s just so much easier to clean up water from the bath or basin.  

Here at Cobra, we just love this approach for family moments in the bathroom and the home – as we always say, these are the most valuable moments we will experience with our families.  The smaller, less noteworthy moments that make up our everyday lives – the everyday Cobra moments.

​​​​​​Aamirah is always working on the next DIY bathroom project and has this tip for other mom’s wanting to take on the DIY challenge themselves: “Just do it! Don’t be afraid to try it out and make mistakes. You won’t learn if you don’t make mistakes. Also, messing it up just makes you so much better at it! So, take that challenge. Also before you start, do research and make sure you thought it through properly from beginning to end, making sure you have all the materials and tools you need.”  

And for those affordable budget small bathroom ideas Aamirah suggests not spending too much money on materials and tools, she also suggests not throwing away any unused materials or old furniture as they can be put to good use in other DIY projects, such as making this stunning wooden soap holder and other bathroom accessories.

Last but not least, we asked Aamirah what she loves about Cobra: “I love the fact that it’s so affordable for such a prestige and high-quality brand and finish.  It’s also so family friendly - which I absolutely love and recommend to all moms and families! Definitely a win for me.”
Well, Aamirah we just have to say we absolutely love what you created with our products and we are so glad to have been able to be a part of your bathroom makeover journey, and most importantly your everyday Cobra moments with your little family.

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