A New Year, New Cobra, New You
3 February 2021 Get Inspired

A New Year, New Cobra, New You

We welcome the new year, with Cobra’s, new brand positioning and renewed vitality. Read more....


Having followed a year-long journey that began with defining a goal, carving out a directive, and breathing life into its inception we welcome the new year, with Cobra’s, new brand positioning and renewed vitality.

With pursuits to change the perception of Cobra as being only a plumbing fitting brand into an admirable and accessible consumer brand, Cobra is a relatable, real, and experiential brand that has a part to play in everyday Cobra moments of everyday life.

In positioning Cobra products not only in the homes of its users but also in the construct of everyday moments, ordinary routines, and real-life experiences, we soon came to realise that Cobra moments are shared and experienced almost every day creating connections with end-users without seemingly trying to do so.

Playing an integral part in “Life Actually” Cobra celebrates real life in all its unscripted, sometimes messy, always relatable moments.



The New Cobra Logo

Keeping to the Cobra logo fundamentals, design updates have simply enhanced what has always previously existed, but now with a slightly more modern refresh.


The Payoff Line

Echoing the sentiment of sharing little Cobra moments with big feelings, Cobra has been here for you in the past, it's here for you today and will remain so for many more years to come. Cobra. Here For You.


The Creative

Through exploring the idea that Cobra is here for you during life’s most authentic moments, the Cobra rebranded marketing creative has sought to highlight these encounters in a humorous exaggeration of everyday life in a light-hearted and memorable way. With Cobra products playing their part in the background of ordinary everyday life, these true to life encounters connects Cobra’s world to everyday experiences binding the brand to “Life Actually” scenarios.


Not Another Brochure

Alongside supplementary branding and marketing assets, Cobra has rolled out with “Not Another Brochure” that aims to be anything but the typical marketing brochure. Free more manicured scenes, perfectly polished homes and idealistic lifestyle settings, the Cobra Not Another Brochure instead, uncovers the perfectly imperfect construct of what real homes and authentic life looks like if captured and documented in a brochure. Connecting Cobra’s products to real and relatable moments, from tips to growing houseplants to the perfect shower playlists, the Cobra Not Another Brochure aims to further enhance consumer in-store experiences. By allowing on-site customers to connect to the Cobra Not Another Brochure by way of in-store QR code enabled product display boards, customers are directed to digital brochureware that allows them to review the products they are interested in, envision these in everyday home-life settings while enjoying all the other content value adds found in the Cobra Not Another Brochure.


The Website

Immersing guests into an online Cobra environment, the all-new Cobra website welcomes users into the Cobra lifestyle enabling them to experience Cobra products, digitally enabled features and enhancements in a seamlessly responsive way. From competitions to promotions recipe’s, peptalks, and virtual immersive technology, the Cobra website offers users with a fully interactive experience that conjurers a true to life connection with the Cobra brand. Included in the new website functionality are Virtual Showrooms that place products in the homes and lifestyle settings of everyday life. Offering an inside view of how Cobra’s products may be placed in your home, customers are now no longer limited to experience our products in a physical showroom setting but instead, experience virtual encounters with Cobra products in hyperreal digital environments complete with 3D product rendering.


In recognising the importance of repositioning the brand into an identity that speaks to the plumber, the professional, architect, interior designer, and other traditional target audiences while also gaining the attention of the everyday end-user, Cobra invites you to experience its new brand positioning.