5 Essential Considerations when Designing Your Bathroom

Designing your bathroom from scratch? Find 5 essential considerations when designing your bathroom from Cobra. Here For You.
10 December 2020 Get Inspired
5 Essential Considerations when Designing Your Bathroom

Designing a bathroom from scratch or remodelling an outdated space with all new bathroom fittings, find 5 essential considerations when designing your bathroom from Cobra. Here For You.

From functional features to luxury fittings, space-conscious considerations, and water-saving technology, find our five (5) bathroom design essentials to take into consideration when putting together your next bathroom design.

Bathroom Design Essential #1

Plan a Layout that Matches your Routine While there may be millions of beautiful bathrooms fitted to top billing homes around the globe, an essential consideration when designing your bathroom is planning a layout that fits with your routine. Your bathroom ritual is unique to you which is exactly why considering a layout that meets your specific bathroom routine will see you most satisfied with your final design. Are you a bath person or prefer a spacious shower? Happy to share your space with your partner or prefer his and hers matching basin sets? And what about the toilet? Your bathroom features must fit your grooming habits to create a space for the perfect bathroom retreat.

Bathroom Design Consideration #2

Bathroom Space and Storage While mood boards may describe your dream bathroom layout and fittings, possibly one of the most important considerations when putting together your next bathroom design is the space you have to work with. Hand in hand with the space and size of your bathroom, consider the storage and cupboard space needed to accommodate typical bathroom supplies and toiletries.

Bathroom Design Essential #3

Airflow and Ventilation Optimal airflow and ventilation are non-negotiable bathroom design essentials that must be factored in for every bathroom design. Damp, steamy and dark, creating the ideal hideaway for mould, mildew and other harmful health hazards, poor airflow and ventilation can see a beautifully designed bathroom turn nasty by simply allowing for moisture to remain trapped in the room. In the absence of windows or organic ventilation, a key bathroom design consideration factors a bathroom exhaust fan, effective in extracting steam and excess moisture for a bathroom closed to airflow. Bathroom

Bathroom Design Essential #4

Bathroom Lighting A room often tucked into the darkest corner of a home, bathroom lighting is almost as essential as airflow and ventilation. Bathroom lighting checks two design boxes when planning a bathroom layout and by lighting, we are of course referring to the lighting that you can see and light that you feel. Often decked in wall to ceiling tiles, cold concrete and ceramic sanitaryware, factoring for bathroom lighting that influences the "warmth" of your bathroom space is as important as planning for adequate lighting that allows you to see what you are doing. Consider how light or dark your bathroom space is and apply basic design principles that counter or balance out the lighting. For darker bathrooms, use a warm colour palette and eye-level lighting that’s supplemented with well-positioned overhead downlights. For lighter bathrooms apply cooler colour palettes and consider the direction of the primary source of lighting, counterbalanced with supplementary light fittings

Bathroom Design Essential #5

Perfect Plumbing Fittings Whether your objective is to fit water-conscious tap technology, to make a statement, express your unique style while also fulfilling its ideal function, selecting the perfect plumbing fittings and tapware is a key consideration when planning your new bathroom design. Making sure that the design of your taps and shower fittings (brassware) match the style of the selected bath, basin and toilet, consider the shape (round versus square) as well as the height of each fitting for example a raised basin mixer coupled with an above the counter basin. From the colour to the finish, shape, form, fit and optimum operation, your bathroom taps, wall spouts, showerheads, and handheld mixers offer a definitive opportunity to create a distinctive theme throughout your bathroom design.

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