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A lifestyle brand that offers all your bathroom and kitchen plumbing solutions, explore Cobra Collections for quality bathroom and kitchen taps, sink and basin mixers, san ware, bath and shower systems, spares, pipes, and Cobra plumbing fittings.


A room and its moments that take on many roles in everyday life, Cobra bathrooms are here for you for that early morning power-shower or self-care escape after a long day. Browse Cobra bathroom collections and search for bathroom taps and basins that create the most beautiful bathroom vanities. From brand-new bathroom ideas to finding Cobra fittings for any bathroom renovation, explore Cobra bathroom collections.
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An epicentre of activity and the heart of most homes, Cobra Kitchens create comfortable spaces for family discussions, heated debates, the passing down of family recipes and treasured memories made. Search Cobra’s modern kitchen taps, one or two tap handles, and kitchen mixer taps effortlessly suited to fit any kitchen sink.
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Pipe & Fittings

From PVC plumbing pipes to steel professional fittings, Cobra plastic pipes and plumbing fittings are locally produced, available all throughout South Africa and complete with SABS quality assurances, world-class after-sales services, and technical plumbing support.
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With the assurance of time-tested durability, uncompromising quality, and a warranty to boot, Cobra spare parts ensure a consistent Cobra quality experience when making use of original Cobra tap spares and authentic Cobra mixer parts. Buy Cobra spares and plumbing parts for reliable product quality and a professional plumbing finish.
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Taps Public & Medical

Finished with state-of-the-art water conscious technology, optimised hygiene efficiencies, and quality approved for high-frequency use, Cobra taps for public and medical facility fittings ensures the ultimate fit for purpose assurances.
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Technical & Plumbing

Supported by a dedicated team of professionally trained and qualified plumbing technicians assisting with warranty queries, technical training, homeowner, and professional installation assistance, find Cobra technical and plumbing help here.
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