From taps and mixers, showers and hand showers, water heating parts, and flushing valves, as market leaders of bathroom and kitchen taps and brassware products, Cobra spares and plumbing parts consistently deliver the Cobra brand promise. Here For You.

Locally produced and readily available throughout South Africa, original Cobra parts, plumbing spares, taps, and mixer spares ensure the absolute best in professional plumbing installations and end-user satisfaction.

Offering SABS quality approved parts together with world-class after-sales services and technical support, Cobra bathroom and kitchen spares and parts offers the assurance of time-tested durability, together with after-sales support offered by a dedicated team of professionally trained and qualified technicians assisting with warranty queries, technical training, homeowner, and professional installation assistance.

Cobra Spares and Parts features and benefits include:


Durable chrome surfaces protect the products from scratches, are resistant to dirt, and easy to maintain.


Fitted with water-saving technology, flow restrictors supplied with Cobra taps and mixers can be easily serviced by homeowners. The restrictors are pressure compensating, meaning the stipulated flow will not be exceeded, regardless of inlet pressure.


For a fresh look, change out the head of your kitchen tap without changing the body. The handle assembly can be removed from Cobra screw-down type taps. Depending on the type of head part used in the tap various designs of Cobra Kitchen tap handle assemblies can be used to replace the old design.

Dezincification resistant brass (DR/DZR brass)

Relating to the corrosion of brass, the minimisation of this is a critical aspect of the quality (fitness for purpose) of plumbing fittings that come into contact with water. Cobra products are comprised only of dezincification-resistant brass, or DZR/DR brass adhering to exacting specifications for chemical composition and careful process controls.


The lightest of touches is required for effortless opening and closing of the single lever mixer.

Low Water Pressure

Suitable for use in environments with low water pressure.

Cobra Genuine

Genuine spare parts are locally made and readily available.


Trained and dedicated service teams are in place to provide support pre-and post-installation.

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